Universal Pictures’ “Bros,” which serves as the studio’s latest foray into the romantic comedy breed of movies, rendered a rather lousy opening weekend monetarily at the box office, with the movie centered around a gay male romance only seeing $4.8 million in ticket sales.

While it may be a bit early to label the movie “Bros” a box office bomb due to it only having been in theaters for a few days, a strong indicator of a movie being a success or an impending flop can be reached by its opening weekend numbers – and “Bros” just wasn’t getting love from moviegoers.

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While the official release of the romantic comedy was on September 30th, the $4.8 million figure reflected in the opening weekend box office numbers were also reflective of the $500,000 earned in early access previews afforded on September 29th.

If the film stays on track with how viewership trends of theatrical releases typically go – as in, the opening weekend generally is the biggest monetarily, and viewership trickles thereafter – then “Bros” could see itself struggling to recoup the $22 million budget poured into the film.

As pointed out in an article in Film Lifestyle, “The first week of the release of a film is crucial for its success because most films will make up 75% of their total gross within that one week,” and in “Bros” four-day opening weekend, the film has managed to scrape by with about 22% of its gross investment.

Forbes noted in their report on the abysmal opening weekend of the film that perhaps too much emphasis was placed on the film being some kind of major step forward for minority sexual orientations instead of marketing and press coverage trying to sell the movie on the possibility it might be “funny.”

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“Alas, the trailers and much of the media coverage emphasized its importance, groundbreaking existence, and social value over whether the film is funny.”

But some might be asking, ‘Why would such an important and socially woke movie fail here stateside and abroad?’

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Well, obvious sarcasm aside, perhaps creating a movie and marketing it in a manner that almost exclusively makes it appealing to about 3.5 to 3.8% of the U.S. population isn’t a great way to sell movie tickets.

And it’s not like people weren’t going to the movies during the opening weekend when “Bros” dropped, but it seems like moviegoers were more interested in checking out Paramount’s new horror movie “Smile,” – which on a budget of $17 million managed to score a cool $36.5 million at the box office.

But as explained in a Showbiz 411 article regarding “Bros” being a fizzle at the box office, it would seem “the public at large had no interest in seeing not only a gay rom-com, but one with graphic sex scenes,” adding that this progressive movie effort is another “example of Hollywood being insulated from reality.”

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