“In the wake of breaking news with little details. It was only a matter of hours before the Democrat’s mockingbird media had begun to politicize and twist the narrative of the attack regarding Paul Pelosi. Clinging to the Far Right January 6th boogeyman myth in order to desperately forward a campaign of stochastic terrorism as the clock runs out on the 2022 election. An outcome which could not only bring a response to the corporacratic neo-marxist cancer festering in the American body politic but also result in prosecution for a host of Democrats that have avoided scrutiny, including the President of the United States. The October surprise was imminent.” – Bowne Report

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“The alleged attacker David Depape, a Canadian illegal immigrant, had spent his time in Berkeley, California, making hemp jewelry and contributing to Bay area nudist activism with like-minded deadheads replete with a rainbow flag and a Black Lives Matter sign. However, they dared to deny the implausible narrative of 9/11. Not exactly the far-right extremist Nazis they would have us believe Depape was a product of.

According to KTVU, Depape had supposedly had with him a manifesto that contained anti-government COVID beliefs and a list of other politicians he planned to target. Additionally, the media had immediately derided Depape’s writings detailing Covid Vaccine danger, The Great Reset, and the epidemic of pedophile normalization as crazed conspiracy nonsense. Just buzzwords to be feared. Oddly Depape hadn’t posted anything online for 15 years until reappearing in August of 2022, right before a forthcoming October surprise.

But the real questions, per usual, open up gaping holes in the Pelosi/Depape narrative. For instance, how and why does a man wearing underwear carry a manifesto with him? And what about the possible depravity of Pelosi’s alcoholic husband, was Depape there for another reason? Why did Pelosi tell dispatchers DePape was “a friend”? Questions that come to mind after others in the California Democratic party connected to the Pelosi’s have revealed their true colors.

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Anyone would assume that, at the very least, Nancy Pelosi’s multimillion-dollar home in crime-riddled San Francisco would be outfitted with an equally expensive government-funded security system to protect the third in line to the Presidency and her expensive Ice Cream Freezer. And why would police allow Depape to continue assaulting Paul Pelosi after they arrived on scene? Furthermore, why was Depape injured? Details that could certainly clear some things up but continue to remain a mystery.

Of course, we have been here a thousand times before. The left despises questions. Because the truth is lurking. And there is nothing more frightening for those invested in lies than the emergence of truth.” – Bowne Report

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