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Trans-Identifying Biological Woman Cries About Having To Work 8 Hours At Starbucks [VIDEO]

ITHACA, NY – A 20-year-old trans-identifying biological female who works as a barista at a Starbucks location in New York recently took to Twitter to air her grievances about the horrors associated with an eight-hour workday, delivering a tearful description of how unjust it is that she was scheduled to work for a length of time that most would consider a typical workday.

On October 29th, Eva Sunshine, who goes by the name “Evan,” uploaded her tearful diatribe to her personal Twitter account where she dove straight into how stressful a standard workday is to handle.

“People wonder why we need a union at Starbucks. And I am literally about to quit. Like, I don’t know if I’m going to do it. But like I really want to, I almost walked out today. And I’m crying in the back room right now and I almost cried on the floor. It’s just…like I’m a full time student, I get scheduled for 25 hours a week. And then on weekends, they scheduled me the entire day, open to close, I’m on the schedule for eight-and-a-half hours, both Saturday and Sunday. I’m like, three-and-a-half hours into my shift.”

Sunshine nearly began hyperventilating when detailing how the Ithaca Starbucks location only had four employees working at the time of her video being recorded, dramatically whimpering after reiterating the presence of customers at an establishment that serves up sugar-laden coffees.

“There’s so many customers and we have four people on the floor all day. Only five people were put on the schedule, and somebody had to call out. And there are four people running the whole store, and there’s so many customers and the boss only scheduled five people. We only have 13 people employed at this store. And there’s so many customers…We don’t have fair scheduling; managers don’t care about us.”

The Starbucks employee began to rant over her disdain with the manager of the location who apparently altered the schedule in a manner that saw the manager not coming in that specific weekend, claiming the manager needs to “hold themselves accountable for helping their workers.”

Apparently, the existence of online orders is also overwhelming for Sunshine, as she bemoaned to the camera, “There’s so many mobile orders and I need to get through all of them and then people are yelling at me because I don’t have their orders ready.” On top of being exhausted over a standard workday whilst having to serve patrons, apparently Sunshine is having difficulty coping with being referred to as a woman by customers.

“And the customer was misgendering me today, like really badly. I didn’t have their order ready. And so, they were just like totally talking to each other and like, ‘She’s clearly incompetent,’ I have a full mustache and beard.”

Sunshine concluded her video with the statement, “I don’t even know what to do anymore. I’m like at my wit’s end with this job. I really am.”

In a not so astonishing development, the response to Sunshine’s video garnered a bit of criticism over her dramatic recounting of what most would consider just a regular workday. Some additional examples of the criticism Sunshine received included folks who noted how they wished they were given more work hours at their job – especially while in college – as well as others pointing out how they’ve juggled far more responsibilities amid a standard work schedule and managed to not start blubbering over typical work-related scenarios.

Following some of the online criticism over her dramatic confessional-style video, Sunshine followed up with a Twitter post reading, “for the people telling me to grow up or get another job, [I’m] an ivy league pre-law student, [I] could get any job [I] want if [I] cared about that. [I’m] staying at this job solely to ensure that our union efforts are seen through to empower people who are not as privileged as [I] am.”

Image Credit: Twitter

Indeed, Sunshine is among the movement of demanding that Starbucks support the unionization of workers – because preparing and serving coffee for up to an eight-hour shift is apparently the new frontline battle over perceived workforce exploitation.

Sunshine’s Twitter bio is littered with references to her unionization efforts, such as the hashtag “#NoContractNoCoffee” and a link to the official Twitter account for SBWorkersUnited Ithaca.

Image Credit: Twitter

On September 15th, the official Instagram account for SBWorkersUnited Ithaca uploaded a video of Sunshine [1] mock crying after Starbucks didn’t entertain their little unionization efforts, captioning the video with, “We said we would bargain with Starbucks on September 15th, but they haven’t shown up to a single table. [Starbucks] you have a duty to bargain with us!”

Clearly, Starbucks doesn’t see eye to eye with that whole “duty to bargain” with a group led in part by someone who cries about an eight-hour workday as though it was some PTSD-inducing traumatic experience.

Further along in the comments section where Sunshine was addressing the criticism of her video, she continued to justify her stance by pointing to her exploits outside of her work week, writing, “[Hi,] [I] am actually also a full time student, on the exec board for my fraternity, in various other extracurriculars and [I] do organizing and bargaining work for the union. [I] have at most 2 [hours] of free time per day. [I] don’t have all day to work [I’m] only 20.”

Image Credit: Twitter

There’s quite a bit of irony in Sunshine justifying her complaining about her eight-hour workday by pointing to her exploits of essentially complaining about her job in general (in her free time) through her “organizing and bargaining work for the union” that Starbucks seems to mostly ignore.

But what is plain as day is that Sunshine is almost the epitome of the stereotypical picture of a Gen Z young adult in American society: she subscribes to and is part of the radical gender theory dogma, she vaguely alludes to harboring additional “neurodivergent” ailments, appears to have an entitlement complex, and believes that a run of the mill workday is too much to expect from someone.

It’s no wonder that companies are looking more and more into the likes of automation and robots to replace this brooding generation amongst the modern workforce, as they’re completely insufferable and bring little to the proverbial table outside of complaints.