Political commentator and activist Mindy Robinson, who ran as the Libertarian candidate this midterm cycle for the Nevada State Assembly’s 35th District, has embarked on a new mission dubbed “#OperationSunlight,” which aims to put some proverbial sunlight on the suppressed truths surrounding election fraud and a myriad of other topics that the arbiters of ‘truth’ don’t want widely discussed.

Following the shoddy elections that occurred in her home state of Nevada, Robinson saw an opportunity to make some extra use of her political campaign signs placed throughout her district in light of her having approximately 30 days to have them removed.

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In a Gab post from November 14th, Robinson shared a bit of insight into #OperationSunlight, sharing some photos of her repurposed campaign signage throughout her district that were emblazoned with messages like, “Epstein didn’t kill himself” and, “They knew the vaccine wasn’t safe or effective.”

Further along Robinson’s post on Gab, a link was shared to a dedicated webpage for #OperationSunlight, where visitors are greeted with seemingly no shortage of information to digest for those who may be curious about what the “fact checkers” are so desperately trying to suppress from the general public.

We at Red Voice Media had an opportunity to speak with Robinson about this endeavor, with the political firebrand delving into the motivations behind the effort and why this is so important to get rolling sooner rather than later.

“Basically, it’s, you know, we were censored; we all know we were censored. How do we get around that? We don’t shut up. Like I always say, you can censor me, but you can’t silence me. Nothing’s going to stop me from talking to people, from texting people, from sending people articles. You know what I mean? As much as they shut us down – we’re not going to reach everybody – we don’t have to, you just have to reach your circle. If everyone just reached their circle, if everyone just put that bumper sticker on a car and wasn’t afraid, to tell the truth, we wouldn’t be in the position we’re in.”

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Robinson emphasized that part of the reason why the country is in the mess it’s in currently is due to much of the masses being unmotivated to push back against the machine, saying, “Right now, I feel like no one’s fighting it. They’re kind of rolling over…until it actually affects them. People don’t seem to care. And I’m sorry, but you have to have more foresight than that. So basically, yes, this is just a way around media censorship, using a hashtag and getting the truth out there.”

Robinson believes that funny business surrounding the COVID shots, the virus itself, potential war on a global scale, and elections are things many people are cognizant of – but some of those folks may not know exactly what the specific issues are within those topics.

Hence, with #OperationSunlight, the political activist aims to give these sorts of folks a one-stop-shop to get caught on these very topics.

“Everyone knows something’s wrong; they just need to know what, and I want to help them learn. Whether it’s the virus that they made, or the vaccine that doesn’t work – that wasn’t tested – or the people that are dying from it, or the war they’re trying to start to hide the money laundering, these are all things that the news is not saying.”

The name of the game is resilience in Robinson’s mind, employing time-tested grassroots efforts and tools we have despite the attempts by Big Tech and the mainstream media to silence inconvenient truths or uncomfortable questions/topics.

“But really, nothing is stopping ordinary people from saying these things. We may not have the platform, but we can still get it out there. And it’s going to make more sense, and when things make sense: people will believe it. So, you know, we’re kind of running out of ideas at this point. Hopefully, Elon frees up Twitter, and we can actually talk about election fraud this year.”

Of course, Robinson is fully aware that there are going to be even greater attempts brought forth by the powers that be to shut down the exchange of information via #OperationSunlight, but she’s stressing that the people cannot cower in the face of opposition – because that’s exactly what the cabal want: for people to just lie down and take it.

“I’m not going to quit, they want us to quit, which is why we cannot quit. They want to suppress – we cannot be suppressed. We have to keep doing it. Because of people getting discouraged? You know, what are you doing there, just going to give up? Okay, you’re just making their battle easier. I want to be a combative asshole about everything. And now that I’m not a candidate, I can be that combative asshole that I couldn’t be when I was running – when I was trying to represent my community in a way that wasn’t crazy. The gloves are off now. You know, there’s literally nothing hold me back from exposing these people.”

Undoubtedly, there are going to be the same tired “fact checkers” who’ll put in overtime to discredit the spread of inconvenient truths. But Robinson is undaunted, underscoring that she’s got “the receipts” when it comes to these self-appointed arbiters or ‘truth’ who may want to intervene in the free flow of information.

“I have the receipts, you know, even if a court doesn’t want to look at it because whatever fucking reason – we have the receipts. And at the end of the day, it’s not our job to prove election fraud, it’s the government’s job to prove that they’re holding transparent elections – and they’re not.”

For those looking to get involved with #OperationSunlight, it’s as simple as utilizing the hashtag in question and sharing the link to the website with those who are searching for the answers.

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