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It’s Dodge City, And The Bad Guys Just Shot The Sheriff

Who still thinks fraud can be overwhelmed with enough votes on the other side? Here’s a clue: there are more numbers than people because numbers are infinite and people aren’t. That fact alone is all you need to know if the bad guys are determined to create the illusion of victory, they can. After all, in 2020, they managed to create the illusion that the human equivalent of a baked potato was elected president. In Pennsylvania last night, they pulled it off again and have now created the illusion [1] that Fetterman, a brain-damaged stroke survivor, has defeated Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has at least this much going for him: he isn’t a brain-damaged stroke survivor.

How does that happen? Remember the strange odyssey of Jesse Morgan back in 2020? Morgan was a driver for the USPS on the night of October 21st, 2020. On that night, he picked up a trailer [2] at the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, post office. From there, he drove to Bethpage, New York, to pick up a load. He was told, “Guess what? You got mail-in ballots today.” He had an opportunity to see into some of the containers loaded into the truck and saw that they were full of what appeared to be mail-in ballots. The envelopes he saw had hand-written signatures on the outside, indicating that they had already been filled in. There were, according to estimates generated based on the number of containers loaded into his vehicle, hundreds of thousands of ballots in the trailer.

Morgan drove the trailer to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Here, a number of events occurred that were unique to Morgan’s experience as a USPS driver. He was kept waiting for six hours without explanation, he wasn’t given a “slip” to prove he’d delivered the load, he was told to drive the trailer to a different location, the trailer then “disappeared” in the sense that he never saw it again, and when he went to retrieve his tractor, it had additional miles on it that he hadn’t driven, and there were other oddities besides. Shortly thereafter, hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots showed up in Philadelphia that changed President Trump’s lopsided 500,000 vote lead into a loss. Did those Pennsylvania ballots originate in New York? That has never been adequately explained.

The Bethpage “ghost trailer” is only one of tens of thousands [3] of unexplained irregularities in the 2020 election. There were poll challengers kicked out [4] of polling stations, windows covered up so poll challengers outside polling locations couldn’t view events inside, mismatched signatures [5], duplicated ballots [6], ineligible ballots [7], ballot harvesting [8], abuse of nursing home patients [9] to take their ballots, and so many more abuses it would be tedious to list them all, and undoubtedly, “all” of the abuses are as yet unknown. Some are known, and that should have been enough to call an immediate halt to the election while corrective measures were taken.

The reason nothing happened, we are told, is that “nothing happened.” All of the people who claimed there were any irregularities during the 2020 election were described as misinformed, biased, and sometimes malicious. The “facts,” according to the mainstream media and larger social media outlets, are that the 2020 election was fair, period. Today, I remember the stories about election fraud in 2020, but it is difficult to find them on the Internet. I know they were there at one time because I quoted from or cited them in dozens of articles. Maybe they are still there but are now pushed so far down in the search results that they are hard to find.

Based on the seeming disappearance of articles by journalists who covered the events of 2020 in real-time, it is hard to remember exactly what happened. To make it even more difficult, contrary articles are at the top of every search, and so deep they seem bottomless. These are after-the-fact biased attempts to make allegations of fraud appear to be erroneous, largely due to baseless claims that President Trump’s supporters are following his lead by repeating his claims of voter fraud. The so-called “journalists” describe those claims as “baseless.”

Normally, I wouldn’t use the word “baseless” in an article like this. It is better to write what the basis is, even if you disagree with it, and then give the reason for the disagreement. It is poor journalistic practice to do otherwise, particularly when there obviously is a basis for the many claims of election irregularities. We saw them play out in real-time on televisions on election day 2020, and in the weeks following as videos and other evidence, such as Jesse Morgan’s testimony, came to light.

In this article [10], CNN’s Tara Subramaniam and Holmes Lybrand tell us in the headline that “Trump continues to tweet baseless claims of election fraud in swing states.” To support their allegation, they provide what they consider to be evidence that Trump is wrong, not that he has no basis for his various claims. There are videos of election workers getting hustled out of various polling centers against their will and subsequent concealment of activities within those same polling centers by covering up windows. You may dispute why those things happened, but they are a “basis” to believe that some form of election fraud occurred.

For the past year, I have been in touch with people around the country who have poured much of their time into an all-volunteer effort to investigate the election of 2020. Since then, some of those investigations have expanded to include the 2021 election, primaries in 2022, and of course, last night’s election. One of those groups is New York Citizen’s Audit [11] (NYCA). Recently, they published a document called “New York’s 2020 General Election: A Study in Deficits.” The report lays out numerous shocking failures (at the least) by New York election officials, many of which are sufficient cause on their own to nullify the results of not just the 2020 General Election but all elections thereafter. Why? Because they never fixed any of the problems described in the report.

The deficits report makes three statements, each of which should be uncontroversial. Even an inveterate liar with a soul to cheat would have to bite his tongue and agree that these three things are true:

  1. Voter rolls must be true
  2. Votes counted must be from qualified electors
  3. The number of votes must equal the number of voters

NYCA then proceeds to prove that all three of those principles were violated at an industrial scale during the 2020 election. The deficits report graciously doesn’t assign blame but does point out that regardless of who or what entity is responsible, the election could not have been legally certified. More than that, if none of the problems are addressed, and there is nothing to indicate they have been, then no other election can be legally certified. The fact that the election of 2020, and others after it, were certified only tells us that much, not that the certifications were legal. Based on the deficits report, it is easy to conclude that all election certifications from at least 2020 onward do not comply with legal requirements for certification.

Now we have the 2022 midterms. I spoke with a few candidates about issues related to election fraud. For the most part, these individuals wanted to wait until after the election to address the issue because they didn’t want to upset what they perceived as an easy victory. When will they learn- and when will we learn- that the chance of an honest election in America today is as remote as the chance that Charlie Brown will ever get a chance to kick a football held by Lucy Van Pelt? She always gives him hope that she will hold it for him and she always withdraws it at the last moment, sending Charlie Brown sprawling.

How much longer will we put up with what is, in effect, a simulation of an election, not a real election? What will we get next year or in 2024? Will it be “Election 2024” or “SimElection ’24”? It’s up to us to decide, but it can’t be decided at a corrupt ballot box. To deal with this, the people responsible for allowing the fraud, whether through negligence or malicious intent, must be impeached immediately.