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JD Rucker: 5 Topics to Red-Pill Your Relatives With for Thanksgiving and Beyond

Thanksgiving is about family. For many, it’s about faith and being humbled by the blessing of life itself. By no means would I ever suggest tainting one of my favorite holidays by introducing politics into family gatherings if there will be leftists at the dinner table with you. But let’s face it. Chances are THEY will introduce it, just as they did last year when they asked you why you weren’t jabbed or the year before when they asked why you wouldn’t accept that Donald Trump had lost.

This year is a bit different. For the first time since the middle of the Obama regime, leftists are starting to wake up. It’s subtle for many, but we’re seeing trends in the polls that those who were adamantly opposed to conservative principles before have suddenly embraced a desire to preserve freedoms, push back against groomers, and pump oil to bring down gas prices. The polls showed this, and while the stolen 2022 election may have reaffirmed the false leftist narratives for many, it’s likely that some progressives may quietly be questioning whether there really are shenanigans happening in the elections.

If you’re willing to talk about political topics for Thanksgiving — and I wouldn’t hold it against you if you aren’t — then there’s something important to keep in mind. This is not the time to try to win arguments. This is a time to plant seeds and answer questions. We aren’t trying to drive people away. We’re trying to wake them up to the fact that they’re being lied to on a daily basis by government, corporate media, and their favorite leftist social media influencers. They’re being lied to by Big Pharma and their own doctors. They’re being lied to by their leftist friends and relatives.

Here are five topics that are ripe for red-pilling. I selected these five topics because I believe they’re the ones that offer the greatest chance of a successful red-pilling. You don’t have to convince them that you’re right or that they’re wrong. You have to introduce doubt in their worldview and be there to help them come to a better understanding of what’s happening around us.

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