If there ever needed to be more evidence that the globalist elite cabal and their minions in the Biden-Harris regime were manufacturing shortages, we simply need to look at the various situations forming a perfect storm of crises. There is nothing natural about shortages hitting food, energy, medications, and pretty much everything else at the same time. And no, it’s not “Russia Russia Russia” that’s causing it all to happen.

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The only thing we don’t have a shortage of is a more authoritarian government. Our dystopian future is forming before our eyes as DC plunges us deeper into debt both as a nation as well as for individuals and families. It’s all leading us toward the “necessary” centralization of monetary control through central bank digital currencies. They don’t want to force most Americans to accept the Digital Dollar. They want the majority to be begging for them.

The easiest people to control are those who ask to be controlled. Readers of my articles and listeners of my shows are generally adamantly opposed to being controlled, expanding government, or embracing the various public-private partnerships that are popping up in every industry. But we’re a dwindling minority. No, that’s not to say that a majority of Americans are budding Neo-Marxists. Our problem isn’t with ideology. Our problem is with passion. Even many who oppose such things as CBDCs will not fight by our side against them. They’ll begrudgingly accept them because everyone else is. The herd mentality, even among most individualists and patriots, is becoming all too common.

It’s as if many, if not most, conservatives have given up. This is by design.

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On today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show, I dove into three articles that highlight various challenges that we’re suddenly facing. They’re not really “sudden,” of course; all of these things are part of long-standing plans that have been trickling out for years, even decades. The problem is we weren’t ready to fight them in their infancy, and now that they’re becoming full-blown realities, most of us are struggling just to feed our families. This, too, is by design.

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