For the months after the 2020 election was stolen, I spent most hours of nearly every day trying to figure out how to fix it. I spoke to attorneys, conservative leaders, and fellow patriots to see what courses of action could be taken. My perspective on the situation from around the middle of November 2020 until some time in mid-2021 was that if the proper election results were going to be honored and if Joe Biden could be prevented from remaining in the White House, it would be due to the Will of God moving America in the right direction.

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As is the case now with pretty much everything in my life, my philosophy at the time was to fight the good fight and know that God handles the details. None of us know what role we will be chosen to play in any of the events around us, so it behooves us to do what we believe is right from a Biblical perspective so we can be there if God chooses to use us. To those who are not Bible-believing Christians, your philosophy may be similar without the supernatural component. You want to fight for your freedoms, your families, your communities, and your nation, and if things work out, we will be victorious in the end.

Either way, we fight.

But as months turned into a year, we saw more and more calls from the right to “move on” and focus on 2022. This was a disastrous choice that far too many made. It was obviously disastrous to many of us who realized that a stolen election that goes unpunished and unresolved will lead to more stolen elections. That’s exactly what happened in 2022. My hope was that perhaps NOW more patriots would wake up to the reality that this is going to be the permanent state of affairs in most states and, thereby, the nation if we don’t fight it now ceaselessly until it’s fixed.

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