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Clown World: Time Magazine Says Exercising Has ‘White Supremacist Origins’ [The Breakdown]

Time Magazine has apparently decided to step up to bat with their contribution to the clown world edition of the new normal, officially declaring that exercising – as in literally engaging in physical exercise – is tainted with “white supremacist origins [1].”

Between articles from science publications asserting that combatting obesity is racist [2] and Time Magazine claiming physical exercise is rooted in white supremacy. Apparently, someone has to have a body that looks like a garbage bag filled with lumpy oatmeal in order to not be racist, at least according to the standards of the radical left.

However, for those with an IQ above room temperature, the notion that exercising is somehow rooted in white supremacy is ridiculous and simply not grounded in reality.

But while this all may seem like just another silly article produced by the mainstream media to collectively have a laugh at its absurdity, it genuinely feels as though this is part of the larger endeavor to push this sort of new normal – where those who are gaslighting behind the scenes are attempting to usher in a world where reality no longer has any meaning.

We already have the glaring issue around the effort to indoctrinate a generation into believing that biological men can be women via solely identifying as such (and vice versa), an effort that has clearly seen considerable measures of success based upon the number of youths buying into the nonsense and being brainwashed into believing they are something that they’re simply not.

Furthermore, the past five or so years have seen a massive push by the mainstream media to accept this irrational notion of ‘health at every size,’ coupled alongside attempts to contort people’s individual partner preferences regarding normal bodyweights/appearances as being something adjacent to racial bigotry via terms like ‘fatphobia.’

These sorts of articles by Time Magazine and Scientific American that are seemingly working to vilify maintaining healthy lifestyles and appearances are no accident – they’re part of the larger plan to disrupt the nuclear family.

Check out the latest episode of The Breakdown below, where this propaganda push is explored in greater detail.