This morning, Peru’s Marxist President, Pedro Castillo, faced a hard choice. He was about to be impeached by congress. How could he get out of it and keep his job? Like all tyrant dictators, he dissolved congress, established what he called an “emergency government,” and moved elections to nine months later.

Later in the day, congress convened anyway. They voted to impeach Castillo and had him arrested. Now, he is in jail, his emergency government is gone, and he has been replaced by a woman, the new President of Peru, Dina Boluarte. This was made possible because Peru’s congress realized that Castillo had no authority. His orders could thus be lawfully ignored, and Castillo himself could be treated like the criminal he is.

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Meanwhile, Brazil’s newly appointed President and former convicted criminal, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, is finding it difficult to maintain power also. After massive protests over election fraud in Brazil, with nary a Lula supporter in sight, the military has declared former president Jair Bolsonaro the true President. They have also gone after criminal drug smuggling gangs that supported Lula by eliminating their leaders. If this intensifies, Brazil might be next in line after Peru to free themselves of a criminal communist despot.

When banana republics do a better job standing up for their rights than Americans, there are serious problems in America. Our Constitution is the basis for our entire legal system. People who masquerade as benign “Democrats” have supported every measure taken in recent years to weaken the constitution and then to ignore it altogether. Republicans haven’t done much better. They’ve offered token resistance, if not outright support, to various outrages against law and order.

Among the worst offenders is RINO Liz Cheney from Wyoming. How does any American, even an evil one, get away with what she has done to the January 6th protesters? Even if every one of the J6 defendants had committed murder on video, which none of them did, far from it, they would have been treated better.

Recent elections in America demonstrate a pronounced disregard for the law and contempt for the Constitution. This is not a small problem.

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Maybe it is time we learned from our southern neighbors. We need to fix our country by following the constitution faithfully. Only that will prevent an exodus of Americans across the southern border, immigrating to more stable countries like Peru and Brazil.

If history has demonstrated nothing else, tyranny strangles abundance, but freedom increases it. Socialism, Marxism, communism, whatever you want to call it, ensure misery and poverty for almost everyone. A match can destroy a city, so too can an evil and perverse philosophy ruin a nation. It is up to every American to preserve what we have and to take back what we have lost.

Make no mistake, our rights have been taken. It was done by stealth, deceit, and cowardice. We didn’t vote for our rights to be taken, we don’t want them taken, and we didn’t agree to have them taken. They were taken by cowards who lied to us about what they were doing. They were supported by a corrupt media who are unfit to hold any position of respect or trust.

The people who have managed this Mephistophelian takeover of American culture, education, and government congratulate each other for their benevolent tyranny, their intelligence, beauty, and culture. Little do they realize that their every move is watched and felt by those whom they injure. To their victims, they are not benevolent, they are malicious tyrants. They are not intelligent but stupid imbeciles to believe anything good could ever come of socialism. They are not beautiful but hideous, spiritually disfigured monstrosities. Their culture is evil and has no compensating virtue.

The people of Venezuela have suffered for over a decade under the boot of socialism. Peru and now perhaps Brazil as well are showing the way out, the way to freedom.

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