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Adult Male Exposed Himself To Female Minor At California YMCA, Nonprofit Sides With Pervert Because They’re Following ‘The Law’ Around Transgenders [VIDEOS]

SANTEE, CA – A 17-year-old girl was recently the victim of an act of indecent exposure via an adult male, which occurred at a YMCA location in Santee. However, when the young girl voiced her concerns about being exposed to an adult male’s genitals inside of the YMCA locker room, the staff at the nonprofit brushed off her concerns and asserted she was in no danger, nor was she any sort of victim.

Aside from the affront by the staff on-site in conjunction with local law enforcement not being able to treat the incident as a criminal matter, a YMCA spokesperson even took to the local news to defend the actions of the adult male [1]exposing himself to little girls [1].

Earlier in January, 17-year-old Rebecca Phillips stood before the Santee City Council to recount the indecent exposure she was subjected to at her local YMCA, emphasizing the shock she endured when she realized a naked grown man was inside of the women’s locker room.

“As I was showering after my workout, I saw a naked male in the women’s locker room. I immediately went back into the shower, terrified, and hid behind their flimsy excuse for a curtain until he was gone. I ran into a bathroom stall to change as quickly as I could, organizing my thoughts to share with the people at the front desk. As I did so, I could only think of my 5-year-old sister who I bring to this gym during the summer…to enjoy their waterslides.”

One of sound mind would think that when a young girl reaches out to (what should be) a trusted adult about a traumatic episode like the indecent exposure of an adult male’s genitals in (again, what should be) a sex-segregated area, the child’s concerns would be heard out and tended to immediately.

But in 2023, such reasonable expectations are tantamount to a pipedream, as the staff at the YMCA disregarded her concerns right from the gate – and further asserted that grown men are allowed to galivant naked in front of young girls at their facility so as to appease the whims of purported transgenders.

“When I asked the YMCA management what their policy was regarding transgenders, they confirmed that the man I saw was indeed allowed to shower wherever he pleased. As long as you are not a red flag on Megan’s Law – the California sex offender registry – a grown male can shower alongside a teenage girl at your YMCA location here in Santee.”

As mentioned by Phillips in the above videos, the staff at the YMCA apparently spoke down to her as though she was in the wrong for voicing her legitimate complaint of suffering indecent exposure at the hands of a perverted adult male.

There was once a time when indecent exposure laws in California [4] were enforced, especially when cases involved adults of the opposite sex exposing themselves to minors. But in recent years, enforcement of indecent exposure has become something akin to a joke since such exhibitionist perverts can cloak themselves in the protections afforded by the dubiously labeled trans’ rights within the state [5].

The best solution local law enforcement could render for Phillips in the wake of this recent incident was to tell her to simply no longer go to the local YMCA if she didn’t want to be exposed to naked adult males inside the women’s locker room.

To make matters all the more insulting, YMCA spokesman Dan Cruz appeared on San Diego-based news outlet KUSI News days after Phillips shared her experience before the Santee City Council, with Cruz defending the adult male’s perverted actions on television by invoking the mantra of “diversity, inclusion, and equity” after being pressed by the news anchor about the controversial matter.

“I think following the law and making sure all of our members feel safe and welcome is exactly what we intend to do at the YMCA…the YMCA is a San Diego nonprofit. We’re dedicated to diversity, inclusion, and equity. And I think it’s unique to be talking about this issue on Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.”

Upon being pushed further on what specifically the YMCA is doing to address the safety of women and girls in their locker rooms, Cruz doubled down on the claim that he and the organization are just following “the law” in terms of letting grown men expose themselves to vulnerable minors.

“I think what we want to do is we want to follow the law. When the California State Assembly enacted those state laws that you just referenced on the screen, that’s what we follow at the YMCA. You know, we’re not the experts in this issue to a certain extent – we’re camp counselors, we’re teaching kids how to swim, we’re putting on yoga programs for senior citizens. So, we follow, and we rely on the advice of experts, those guidelines set forth by our elected officials from the state of California. And that’s how we’ll continue to conduct our organization moving forward.”

As covered in a previous article here at Red Voice Media, the unsettling pursuit of trans’ rights is nothing more than [10] an effort to allow the invasion of sensitive sex-segregated areas like public restrooms, prisons, changing rooms, and even shelters for the likes of battered or homeless women – which the aforesaid summary of the trans’ rights movement is confirmed upon taking a cursory look at the ACLU’s dedicated page regarding “Transgender Rights.” [11]