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COVID-19 Is Never Going Away and These People Will Never Stop Until They Are Made to Stop

COVID-19 is never going away, and these people will never stop until they are made to stop. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reiterated that in my full body of work into the “pandemic,” which entails over 350 articles as well as videos, graphic illustrations, and countless social media posts. Those two fragments separated by “and” are my two favorite dead horses to kick, and they are thoroughbred stallions I’ve kicked over and over and over. They appear in close to 75 articles alone.

I began kicking those two dead horses almost immediately after the “pandemic” broke out back in early 2020 and for two very important reasons: 1-I immediately identified COVID-19 as an evidenced construct of enterprise fraud that 2-was clearly leading to egregious constitutional overreach well outside of the firm boundaries that were sure to manifest as permanent tyranny fueled by fraudulently predicated emergencies and absolute rule by fear.

On 16 Mar 20 and at a time when almost the entire country was still convinced that COVID-19 was a “pandemic” rather than a construct of enterprise fraud, I examined no fewer than 18 articles published around that time from a variety of sources. The content of those articles was distilled down to identify the main components of a blueprint for the future. Here’s that blueprint:

If we examine the context of each sourced article and distill it all down to primary points, our running list of constitutional violations, tyrannical rule and concerns for posterity’s sake number 24 and look like:

  1. Guns
  2. Alcohol
  3. Association
  4. Travel
  5. Access to work
  6. Access to education
  7. Access to private property
  8. Domestic military mobilization
  9. Militarized/federalized healthcare
  10. Access to public services/businesses
  11. Access to cash
  12. Propaganda/disinformation/misinformation
  13. Loss of entertainment sources
  14. Savings and wealth elimination
  15. Predisposition to civil unrest and loss of governmental legitimacy
  16. Susceptibility and predisposition to cultural and social programming
  17. Corporate theft of US taxpayer money
  18. Redistribution of wealth and income
  19. Portals for issues of constitutional crisis (conflict)
  20. Prevent or delay 6th Amendment right to a speedy trial
  21. Predisposition or susceptibility to (medical) martial law
  22. Predisposition or susceptibility to rule by executive order
  23. Predisposition or susceptibility to extra-constitutional (or unconstitutional) rule
  24. A complete lock-down of the United States (or the globe)

Folks, please understand that this is by far an incomplete list. It is just a beginning point. It’s merely representative of the start. It’s only an appetizer. We’re just wetting our whistle. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s just ___________________ (fill that in with whatever you want).

MOST CRITICALLYpeople must realize this point – the fluidity and nature of a construct taking the form of a global viral pandemic is absolutely the perfect cover to usher-in national and international rule by means of an authoritarian, tyrannical and one-world government. It’s perfect cover for the Globalists to rid themselves of this president and the voting demographic that previously stood in their way – 60 and older. It’s perfect cover for the Globalists to further galvanize their tentacled and entangling constructs that have allowed them to exploit and continue to exploit the world’s governments to their own benefit and to render not just the United States, but rather the entire planet, into their own mechanism of total control and personal enrichment.

Essentially, these miscreants stole and then the turned the United States of America into the USA Corporation. They’re now looking to place a capstone on their effort to acquire the remainder of the planet and through our lens, COVID-19 is the vehicle to usher it in.

As I stated and asked in the last article, consider this,

So, the Globalists, since George H.W. Bush’s presidency, have been able to establish every element of control, authority, access, means, motive, opportunity and other amounting to the requisite capabilities to execute an intentional viral global pandemic so precisely bio-engineered that it not only accomplishes their primary objective of galvanizing global control under this guise, but it’s so exact that it only really infects and kills the last barrier between themselves and full implementation of their agenda – the older voting demographic. [*Pre-mRNA “vaccine” when SARS-CoV-2 mortality was essentially the older demographic suffering from underlying comorbidities.]

All that remains is whether you believe they actually did this or it’s all just one giant coincidence. I don’t profess to know the answer to that question – I’ve only uncovered a mountain of evidence that speaks to it.

They defied the universal laws of physics to bring down three structures in broad daylight, attacked the Pentagon, and killed 3,000 Americans the last time they reared their head in this fashion. What makes you think they would not unleash a global viral pandemic assuming THEY STOOD TO LOSE EVERYTHING AND HAD NO OTHER VIABLE OPTIONS?

Political Moonshine on 16 Mar 20

Once we get enough people asking the same questions, we’ll find ourselves in a position to know. Until then, EVERYONE OUGHT TO GIVE FULL FIDELITY TO THE ENCROACHMENT OF DRACONIAN LAWS, PRACTICES, REGULATIONS AND POLICIES because once the settle in, they’ll be branded as the ‘NEW NORMAL,’ just as they were following 9/11.

Learn your history. Learn to ask the right questions. Learn that those who fail to learn their history are doomed to repeat it. Perhaps together, we can find out what’s in store for us.

In the interim, I’d consider the 24 points above because it only gets worse from here. For deeper understanding, see 9/11.

Political Moonshine

When I wrote that, hardly anyone had the lens I did, and even fewer [about nobody] was putting it in print. I don’t want to ring my own bell, but in reading that quote above, how exactly and precisely correct was that analysis relative to the past three years up to the present? Look around you. Entirely on the mark is the appropriate answer.

Now, ask yourself this one basic and simple question: If this Globalist cartel of criminals and traitors risked everything to leverage the COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct to implement absolute tyranny so pervasively, what makes you think that they’re going to relinquish one bit of it; especially with such a large segment of hoodwinked Americans in acquiescence and volunteering to wear masks and receive the injections of bioweapons under the guise of necessary “vaccines”?

Here’s your answer to that question: COVID-19 is never going away, and these people will never stop until they are made to stop.

Here’s your evidence to back it up: Since early 2020 and by means of Section 319 of the Public Health Service Act [1], the Secretary of Health and Human Services has unilaterally declared COVID-19 a Public Health Emergency and renewed it over and over. The last one was only several weeks ago, on 11 Jan 23, and well after even Joe Biden said [2] the pandemic was over.

“The pandemic is over.”

Joe Biden on 18 Sep 22

Here’s the sequence of the PHE declaration and its renewals from the latest to the first [noting that HHS misspelled “continued” as “continued” in the first two iterations]:

[You can view the full list of emergency declarations beyond COVID-19 here [16].]

If you require additional evidence that COVID-19 is never going away and that these people will never stop until they are made to stop, consider that today, WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a non-physician and Chinese proxy installed by a secretive electronic vote after longstanding rules were changed [17] in that process for the first time since 1947, just made yet another unilateral declaration: “COVID-19 remains an international health threat.”

[You can read the article here [18].]

Note two things1-this is a declaration from a single individual who isn’t a physician and has no jurisdiction over the U.S., and that 2-“this virus will remain a permanently established pathogen.”

Permanently established pathogen” equates to permanent tyranny. COVID-19 is never going away, and these people will never stop until they are made to stop.

Here’s a suggestion, America.

Quit listening to the “experts,” eliminate the sown division these Globalist miscreants and communists work so tirelessly and relentlessly to implement and instead join hands with your neighbors. Then, neighborhoods, communities, towns, cities, states, regions, and eventually, THE ENTIRE COUNTRY AND ALL AMERICANS can join together, unite and stand as one.


Until then, America, and hear me loudly and clearly because I’ve hardly missed the mark in any of my COVID analyses, COVID-19 is never going away, and these people will never stop until they are made to stop.

Dead horses kicked. Again.