In a stunning interview conducted by Pete Santilli, Stanford Graham, who serves as the Executive Director of Sanacor International Inc., shared the details on the newly dropped “Ralph Baric Criminal Evidentiary Dossier,” which Graham says this particular cohort of Tony Fauci is under the microscope of law enforcement agencies across numerous states for his alleged role in ushering in the era of COVID-19 and the ensuing death toll spawned by the virus.

On January 10th, Santilli invited Graham on his show to delve into the recently released dossier surrounding Baric, an induvial whose name exploded into the national spotlight following an intense Congressional hearing in May of 2021 when Sen. Rand Paul accused Fauci of funding gain-of-function research in Wuhan and the United States, with Baric being one of the figures reportedly engaged in this gain-of-function research involving coronaviruses in the years preceding COVID-19.

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Graham told Santilli about the evidence compiled against Baric that resides in the dossier, mentioning how the document has been shared with law enforcement agencies across 27 states that are now investigating Baric for possible “capital homicide” charges.

“These are pieces of evidence, Pete, that we present to sheriffs. David Martin and I present to sheriffs as we communicate with them – in now 27 different states. We have over 30 sheriffs who have seen this slide deck, and who are in – many of whom have committed to pursue criminal investigations of Mr. Baric as a function of the following evidence. That is criminal investigations for capital homicide, for negligent homicide and reckless homicide. So, let’s start with this particular slide where you see here, this is a screenshot, you’ll see the footnote below at the bottom of the slide. This is a U.S. patent, patent 7.279.327-B2. You can see Ralph Baric as one of three inventors. The assignee, he was working at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The dates, you can see that…the patent was granted in 2007. You can see that the purpose of this patent was producing an infectious replication defective coronavirus. This is 2007, Pete. You can see that it dates back to a priority date of 2001. This is 20 years ago.”

Using publicly available records, Graham put to rest the incessant claims by Fauci that the NIH (and, by extension, Fauci himself) never funded gain-of-function research, pointing to the records showing the NIH handed off substantial grants to Baric over the past two decades relating to his work on coronaviruses.

“It’s evidence that Mr. Baric was the inventor of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which was a chimeric invention. That is, it was part natural, part synthetic – manmade. And the purpose of it was to produce an infectious virus that was replication defective…So again, Ralph Baric and the University of North Carolina, he’s a virologist there, has been there for many years…Here is the evidence, and this is all public record, Pete. This is not evidence gleaned pursuant or acquired pursuant to a subpoena. Here you see the evidence that the NIH funded Baric’s research. Mr. Fauci says he never funded gain of weapon research for the coronavirus or the spike protein. False. Here’s a sample, just a small sample of the funding that comes from the NIH. You can see the NIH numbers assigned with each of these grants in the left column in the white space. And the purpose of those grants identified in the red lettering. And you can see who’s the grant’s benefiting. The, the beneficiary of the grants is Ralph Baric at the University North of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.”

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Check out the full-length interview below to get all the details surrounding this bombshell evidence.

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