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Ivan Provorov Didn’t Do Anything Wrong And Neither Did Pink Floyd!!! – Press For Truth [VIDEO]

“Ivan Provorov has morals, principles, and integrity, and he practices what he preaches by staying true to his beliefs which has the snowflakes on the left completely melting and fuming with anger over his refusal to wear a pro pride jersey during practice.” – Press For Truth [1]

“Meanwhile, the pendulum for LGBTQ inclusivity has swung so far to one side that Pink Floyd is now being mistaken for being woke because their Dark Side Of The Moon album cover contains a “pride flag”!!

In this video, Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the absurdity of the wokeness culture that is now making its way into sports, where the LGBTQ community says you must comply with their demands or else!” – Press For Truth [1]

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