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Mother Sues Over School Secretly Transing Daughter Behind Her Back [The Breakdown]

The mother of a young girl is currently in the midst of a lawsuit aimed at the Chico Unified School District in California, with the parent alleging in the suit that school staff outright planted the idea of and initiated her young daughter’s gender transition at the school – all while doing this behind the mother’s back [1].

Aurora Regino’s daughter was only 11 years old when a school counselor by the name of Mandi Robertson began indoctrinating the child into believing she was transgender through “one-on-one sessions” and a misleadingly labeled “arts and crafts group” at the young girl’s elementary school.

According to the lawsuit, Robertson essentially groomed the young girl behind her mother’s back, capitalizing on the young victim’s genuine trauma at home due to losing a grandparent in conjunction with dealing with her father’s disability and her mother’s battle with breast cancer, with Robertson insisting the young girl’s troubles stemmed from her actually being a boy.

Robertson was allegedly engaged in widespread grooming among the 5th Grade class the young victim was in, with the lawsuit claiming she would “encourage students to explore their identity and consider whether they felt like they were not the gender associated with their biological sex,” further telling students, “such feelings were normal and that students should embrace them.”

This is obviously not an isolated incident, as LGBTQ indoctrination and grooming of young children at the hands of public school employees and educators has been an issue thrust into the spotlight over the past few years.

What’s all the crazier is that when the school was confronted over Robertson’s grooming, the administration defended the predator’s actions. Believe it or not, even with the lawsuit in motion, Robertson is still employed at Sierra View Elementary [2] as a counselor.

In the latest episode of The Breakdown, we dive into this unsettling story coming out of California and call out this debauchery for exactly what it is.