WEST CHESTER, PA – A 6th Grade English Language Arts teacher based out of Pennsylvania reportedly took to her personal Instagram account to showcase an LGBTQ-themed assignment where students had “pledged” to attend Pride parades and even asserted that “age does not matter,” per a recent Twitter post shared by Libs of TikTok.

On January 5th, the Twitter account Libs of TikTok took to the platform to expose a couple of screenshots from an Instagram account under the username “miss_heidif,” which bore what appears to be two synonymous assignments done by two different school-aged children, where the apparent theme of this assignment was to encourage the kids to adhere to and promote pro-LGBTQ ideology.

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As seen in the above photos, the children were instructed to circle one of four words consisting of the choices “visibility,” “pride,” “activism,” and “inclusivity,” with the students then being asked to share what they “think of when you think of this word.”

In an alarming follow-up question featured on the assignment, it appears as though these students (who are ostensibly on the younger side based upon the quality of the penmanship and illustrations) were being encouraged to engage in literal activism, with the question reading, “What can we DO in order to embody this word for the LGBTQIA+ community?”

One of the pictures featured on the post revealed that one of the students digested the aforementioned question as being such a call to activism, responding to the question with, “Attend an event/parade to feel confident with who you are and see other people like you.”

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The assignment then called upon students to render an illustration “representing this word” that they’d circled earlier on, with one child’s drawing featuring an amalgamation of stick figures hoisting up signs that read, “LGBTQ,” “Pronouns matter,” and “Age does not matter,” among other LGBT slogans.

When venturing over to the original Instagram account that shared these two pictures, it turns out that the “miss_heidif” user has since marked her account private – likely due to some blowback received over these images, she shared online.

Credit: Instagram

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However, what is still visible on the locked account as of this writing is the Instagram user’s account bio, which notes that she is a “Secondary ELA Teacher/K-12” and has a live link to a YouTube video which she said was of her “TedTalk.”

Upon landing on the YouTube video, it’s revealed that the “miss_heidif” Instagram account holder is 23-year-old Heidi Fliegelman of West Chester, Pennsylvania. In the YouTube video description from the December 2021 Tedx Talk where Fliegelman spoke, it described her as an “8th Grade English Language Arts Teacher in Delaware,” yet Fliegelman’s personal LinkedIn account reveals she has since moved on to West Chester Area School District as of August of 2022 where she teaches English Language Arts to 10th Grade and 6th Grade students.

“Plan and facilitate two sections of 10th Grade Honors ELA at Henderson High School, and three sections of 6th Grade Reading (Honors and Grade Level) at Stetson Middle School.”

A review of current school staff at B. Reed Henderson High School didn’t show Fliegelman as being currently employed, but G.A. Stetson Middle School’s employee directory did confirm that she’s currently employed as 6th Grade reading teacher.

While the original Libs of TikTok post exposed Fliegelman’s assignments ostensibly being handed out to students, it wasn’t clear in the posts shared exactly when (and where) these sorts of assignments were doled out. However, upon further investigating, it appears this assignment seen in the Libs of TikTok post was done around March of 2022 when Fliegelman was still an 8th Grade teacher at George Read Middle School in Delaware.

This became evident after happening upon an August 2022 post from Frank McCormick, who also generated some awareness to the same assignment seen in the recent Libs of TikTok post.

In McCormick’s post, he makes reference to Fliegelman’s leadership role at George Read Middle School’s “sexuality and gender alliance” club at the time, which going back to Fliegelman’s LinkedIn profile, does confirm her as having such a role at the middle school which promoted students to engage in “activism-based projects.”

“Advise SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Alliance) extracurricular club. Aid in the planning and execution of school-wide, activism-based projects.”

Credit: LinkedIn

The above revelation seems to make the entire situation all the more worse, as it essentially confirms that George Read Middle School officials host (or at least hosted at one time) a literal club centered around “sexuality and gender” for students aged anywhere between 11 and 14 years old.

In short, groomer-activist teachers like Fliegelman are certainly a problem that needs to be addressed, but agenda-driven teachers themselves are not the only problem because teachers like Fliegelman are clearly getting the go-ahead and institutional support for their grooming endeavors from school leadership.

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