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The Ethics & Practicality Of Reparations [The Breakdown]

In a special episode of The Breakdown, A.M. radio host and podcaster Kacy Benefield joins Greg Hoyt in order to open up a sincere dialogue about the ethics and practicality of reparations in America. During the dialogue, Hoyt and Benefield explore the concerns, caveats, and overall feasibility would be in attempting to address this highly debated topic.

The overwhelming majority of Americans agree that when it comes to the issue of slavery, the practice transpiring during the formation of the nation up until the 1860s serves as a dark portion of America’s history.

With an atrocity that spanned hundreds of years, thereby impacting generations of people and contributing to the oft-cited ripple effect, the topic of reparations comes up frequently.

But is it fair to ask the fellow Americans of today – who never owned a slave in their lifetime and potentially may not have ever been related to any slave owner of the past – to help pick up the proverbial tab to redress the sins of literal generations past?

During this special episode of The Breakdown, Benefield presents his case for instituting reparations for the decedents of slavery while also addressing some of the widespread skepticism and arguments against such an endeavor.

No matter where one sits on the fence pertaining to the issue of reparations, the discussion that follows will undoubtedly leave all viewers with new insights and perspectives into this complicated matter.