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WEF Falling, Princess Lockdown Resigns: “World Leaders Are Starting to Become Very Nervous Right Now”

In a shock to the world, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced her resignation at the Labour party’s annual caucus meeting Thursday (1/19/23).

Ardern said she “no longer had enough in the tank” to do the job. “It’s time,” she added. “I’m leaving because with such a privileged role comes responsibility – the responsibility to know when you are the right person to lead and also when you are not. I know what this job takes. And I know that I no longer have enough in the tank to do it justice. It’s that simple,” she said. — The Guardian [1]

“That [Jacinda’s] body language was atrocious,” expressed former Blackrock portfolio manager Edward Dowd. “There’s a little bit of fear going on in there.” So one has to wonder, is burnout really the reason Jacinda Ardern resigned? “[The] bottom line is, she was going to lose … so she preempted by resigning,” stated Edward Dowd. And the “fear” in her body language, as Ed Dowd noted, could indicate that she’s terrified of retribution for her actions during COVID-19.

Jacinda Ardern was “Princess Lockdown,” emphasized War Room host Steve Bannon. “She would come to Washington D.C. — she’s feted. She goes to Davos — she’s feted. She goes to London — she’s feted. She was the darling of the biomedical security state.”

Ardern aligned herself very quickly with the WEF [2] Agenda.

Remember, she proudly erected a two-tiered, vax-pass society.

Jacinda Ardern often refused to answer tough questions. She would go as far as to shut down a press conference to escape criticism.

And she even considered herself and the New Zealand government “the single source of truth.” “Unless you hear it from us, it is not the truth.”

Further condemnation of Ardern’s actions is likely in the numbers.

Edward Dowd states that he hasn’t broken down the all-cause mortality data in New Zealand, but he suspects little to no increase in excess mortality prior to the C19 injections — and then an explosion of death after an unrelenting push to get everyone jabbed.

“She was the hammer on the lockdowns and the vaccine. She was absolutely hardcore,” added Steve Bannon. “And you’re right, the math is what’s blown her out of the office; that’s a big scalp.”

So, rejoice for a moment. “One of the WEF’s Ringwraiths (Lord of the Rings reference [9]) has fallen.” And with this “mysterious timing” of the Biden files, it appears “Biden’s removal is being orchestrated before our very eyes.” [10]


Now, with the latest Rasmussen poll [11] and paltry uptake  [12]of the last C19 shot, there is no doubt that people are waking up. And that is a very, very BIG cause of concern for world leaders, as they “become very nervous right now.”


Edward Dowd’s book, “Cause Unknown,” [13] is available on Amazon [13] and Skyhorse Publishing. [14]


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