It’s safe to say that, at this point, just about everything can be construed as “racist” to those living inside of the bubble that is the far left.

A rotund woman took to TikTok this past December to assert that even striving to be thin “is racism,” and is “rooted in white supremacy,” effectively labeling anyone who isn’t white as a racist white supremacist simply because they don’t want to be fat.

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In previous reports here at Red Voice Media as well as past episodes of The Breakdown, the seemingly novel push against relatively innocuous (as well as overall beneficial) activities like dieting and exercise have been explored – noting the absurd efforts to paint dieting & exercise as somehow being racist.

Alas, the narrative is being pushed once again, unsurprisingly by a far leftist who is claiming that the measly yearning to be thin and fit is “rooted in white supremacy” and is therefore an act of “racism.”

Truth be told, despite the efforts from the radical left to remove the word ‘retarded’ from the everyday lexicon, individuals like this woman claiming that the mere desire to be physically fit is “racist” makes it pretty damn hard to stop saying ‘retarded’ – largely (pun intended) because this woman is retarded.

But this sort of nonsense to vilify the simple desire to be a better version of oneself, physically, is undoubtedly part of the larger agenda. The fact is that there are bigger entities at work seeping these narratives into the mainstream because the powers that be aspire to have a lethargic, fat, uninspired, uninformed, unhealthy, and all around destitute base of the population – because such a population is easier to manipulate, gaslight, and exploit.

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Watch the latest episode of The Breakdown below to see what narrative is being spun on today’s youth.

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