In terms of random internet findings expected to be stumbled upon this year, this latest gem (sarcasm inserted) was not exactly on the bingo card. A 22-year-old woman based out of England decided to share with the world online the number of sexual partners she’d had in the past calendar year, crafting a PowerPoint presentation video where she delved into some explicit territory on the over 50 people she’d been intimate with over the 12-month period.

When it comes to oversharing, 22-year-old Hannah Davies has set the bar pretty damn high, delivering a video with a gross-out factor that will be difficult to top for the remainder of the newly ushered-in 2023.

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With a smug tone and expression to match, Davies has opted to share with the world how she’d slept with 55 people in 2022, jubilantly pointing out that 54 of those individuals were people she’d never been intimate with before prior to the 2022 calendar year.

Davies was all the more ecstatic to delve into how she’d participated in her first “gang bang,” purportedly consisting of over a dozen people, as well as gushing over how 2022 served as the first year she’d ever had sex in the bathroom of a gay club.

Again, this gross diatribe of her degeneracy was accompanied with a PowerPoint presentation to emphasize the laundry list degenerate acts she was proudly boasting of having accomplished.

Apparently, modesty is not one of Davies’ strong suits.

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But this individual’s vomit-worthy rant is merely a symptom of the modernity crafted by the collision of third-wave feminism and the grooming culture that has been impacting the youth over the last few years.

Check out the video below to hear about Davies unsettling recitation of her sex-capades and how her pride in said debauchery serves as a warning to what can happen when leaving the grooming culture unchecked.

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