An all-ages drag show was held at the London Bridge resort in Lake Havasu City, Arizona on February 4th.  Prior to the event taking place, protestors in the community made their voices heard and caused public discussion about children attending sexualized drag shows.  The protestors made it clear they weren’t necessarily against drag shows but against children attending.  Protestors compared the drag show to strip clubs where attendees must be adults.  Of course, the local news ran with the leftist framed story, which goes something like “bigots hate trans people,” which isn’t the case.

Check out some video footage and pictures from the show:

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As you can see in the video, during their quest to grab $1 bills, the performers shook what their momma didn’t make them, and some even pulled off, thrusting pelvis tricks on stage to the all-aged crowd.

I know what you’re thinking, another day, another drag show where children get to attend… but here’s where it gets weird(er). Lake Havasu City is in Mohave County, which happened to vote 74% for Trump in 2020, just to give you an idea of how ‘red’ it is.  The Lake Havasu City mayor and city council are considered to be non-partisan but let their political leanings be known.

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When you visit Mayor Cal Sheehy’s website, you see pictures of him with America First political superstars including Rep. Paul Gosar, Rep. Andy Biggs, AZ State Rep Leo Biasiucci, and AZ State Senator Sonny Borrelli.  One would think this non-partisan mayor is attempting to show himself as a conservative Republican.

Left to right: Rep. Andy Biggs, AZ State Senator Sonny Borrelli, Mayor Cal Sheehy, AZ State Rep. Leo Biasiucci, Rep. Paul Gosar

Let’s dive into the mayor. In addition to being the Mayor, Cal is the Vice President and General Manager of the London Bridge Resort.  This is the same resort the all-aged drag show was held.

Yes, Cal, the non-partisan who pimps pictures hanging out with leaders of the America First movement runs the venue that held the drag show. Keep in mind Cal’s voters are overwhelmingly conservative. Unfortunately, this isn’t even the worst part.

Let’s take a look at the money trail. The event was promoted by Go Lake Havasu, which is under the parent company, Lake Havasu Tourism Bureau, Inc.


From the Go Lake Havasu Website: “Go Lake Havasu has been independent ever since and receives a portion of the hotel occupancy and restaurant/bar taxes levied by the City of Lake Havasu City for its funding.”

In 2021, Lake Havasu City rewarded Go Lake Havasu with a $1.6 million contract that provides tourism and marketing services for the city in a three-year contract. Cal Sheehy was a yes vote.

Just to sum that up for you, Lake Havasu City is funding the tourism company that promoted and held the all-aged drag show with taxpayer dollars at a venue the Mayor is the General Manager of… from a tax base that is heavily conservative. Are all-aged drag shows a new conservative value I’m not aware of?

It’s hard to effect change at a national level in politics, no matter how hard you try. What is much easier is calling out your local politicians when they aren’t representing the voters that put them in office and holding them to answer.

Well Lake Havasu, what are you going to do about this?

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