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Paul Gosar Lauds Bi-Partisan Passage of Legislation Ending the COVID National Emergency Declaration

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Representative Paul Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-09) issued the following statement in response to the bi-partisan passage of H. J. Res 7, legislation introduced by Congressman Gosar to terminate the COVID-19 national emergency declaration:

“I am pleased that Congress finally debated and passed, with bi-partisan support, my legislation requiring the Biden administration to finally end the outdated and abusive COVID national emergency declaration.  Until today, the House of Representatives has failed to perform its most basic Constitutional duty: checking the powers of the executive branch.

Nearly three years have passed since President Trump rightfully declared a national emergency concerning the COVID pandemic.  Since President Trump’s initial declaration, the House of Representatives has not once voted, let alone debated, whether to terminate this national emergency as required under the National Emergencies Act.

The National Emergencies Act requires Congress to review termination of a national emergency no later than six months and at least every six months thereafter.  Yet, former Speaker Pelosi repeatedly blocked simple debate about the merits of extending or terminating the COVID national emergency declaration, despite the law requiring its review at least four times since being declared.

Last September, Mr. Biden asserted “the pandemic is over,” cases are down, and America has opened back up.  Yet, Joe Biden continued to extend the COVID national emergency declaration simply to force Americans to live under extreme measures that deprive us of our freedoms.

With today’s bi-partisan passage in the House, the National Emergencies Act requires the Senate to expeditiously vote on my resolution within 18 calendar days.  It is time to end this emergency declaration now,” concluded Congressman Gosar.


The National Emergencies Act (NEA) provides presidential emergency powers, which are activated when a formal emergency is declared. On March 13, 2020, President Trump rightfully declared a national emergency concerning COVID-19.  Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi have since repeatedly blocked debate about the merits of the extended declaration, as required by law. A provision in the NEA requires Congress to review termination of national emergencies, stating that after six months, and every six months after the emergency continues, Congress must meet to consider a resolution of termination. In the 117th Congress, Representative Gosar introduced multiple resolutions, including H.J.Res.46, to require Congress to debate the merits of the continued emergency declaration.  Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi changed the rules of the entire House to prevent members of Congress from considering the resolution.  Congressman Gosar introduced a petition in an attempt to force consideration of H.J. Res. 46 in the 117th Congress, garnering 132 Republican signers.  Companion legislation recently passed the Senate with overwhelming bi-partisan support,  61-37.

Federal law and new House rules required Congress to expeditiously debate H.J.Res 7 and consider whether the COVID-19 national emergency declaration shall be terminated.

There are 66 co-sponsors in the United States House of Representatives and H. J. Res 7 has received support from the following organizations:

Heritage Action for America
Club for Growth
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Americans for Limited Government
Advancing American Freedom
National Association for Gun Rights
Less Government
America First Legal


The above is a press release from Rep. Paul Gosar