Since November, it has been my absolute honor to serve as the Chairman of the Oversight Committee of America’s Frontline Doctors.

To be honest, I wish I never had to serve on this committee, I wish we had never come to a point where this committee was necessary. I, as a supporter of Simone Gold – so I took no joy in leading this effort. Unfortunately, the actions of Simone Gold and a handful of bad actors within the organization made this Committee absolutely necessary.

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We are at a critical crossroads in the medical freedom movement – now more than ever, we need an America’s Frontline Doctors that is focused, disciplined, and transparent. Over the last three years, we have watched as big government, big media, big tech, and big pharma have worked hand in glove to terrorize the American people. The toxic cocktail of shutdowns, mandates, experimental vaccines, and government overreach has shaken the very foundation of our society.

Unfortunately, at the exact moment that this organization needed to be strong, it was crippled as a result of the behavior of its founder – Simone Gold.

When the Board of Directors of America’s Frontline Doctors created the Oversight Committee, they tasked us with determining exactly what had happened under Gold’s leadership, how do we put the policies in place to make sure it would never happen again, and how do we put the organization on a path to restore it to its rightful place as the flagship organization for medical freedom.

That is exactly what we did.

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The report is a fully independent report of this committee that represents months of work and hundreds of hours of investigatory efforts.

We encourage people to read the full report – which can be found here – and to review all of the legal filings and rulings. If you go to Simone’s website, you won’t find a single link to any of the underlining legal filings or rulings. Simone doesn’t want you to read for yourself and to draw your own conclusions – she wants to cherry-pick and gaslight the public.

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As stewards of the donations and trust of those who support this organization, we take our responsibilities seriously. We have promised 100% transparency and 100% accountability, and that is what we are doing every single day.

This report represents a conclusion, and at the same time, it represents a beginning. The legal battle with Simone will continue, and we are confident that when all is said and done, the rightful Board and rightful leadership of America’s Frontline Doctors will again have access to all of our assets. Until then, however, we plan to do what Simone will not do, and that is to get,t back to the mission of this organization.

While Simone has illegally used the assets of this organization on baseless attacks on the Board and leadership of America’s Frontline Doctors, we are done playing her game. We will spend every day fighting for medical freedom – we will be in every state house, every courthouse, and every town hall, fighting for the rights of the American people.

From the very beginning, this organization has been called America’s Frontline Doctors, not America’s Frontline Doctor. This organization and our mission are bigger than any one person – and despite what Simone thinks, she does not own this organization – it belongs to the donors, supporters, and freedom-fighting medical professionals.

I am thankful for the autonomy and independence that the Board granted to the Oversight Committee. Thanks to their efforts, and thanks to the hard work of this committee, I am hopeful about the future of this great organization.

Written By Kevin Jenkins, Chairman of the Oversight Committee of America’s Frontline Doctors.

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