In a recent turn of events that puts the Biden regime under another cloud of suspicion, Gold Star families are stepping forward to accuse Joe of suppressing crucial evidence. The accusations suggest that the deadly Kabul airport bombing, which claimed the lives of 13 U.S. service members two years ago, could have been prevented.

The Kabul bombing was a devastating tragedy that echoed nationwide, leaving families shattered and a country in mourning. The regime’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal had already been questioned, but these new allegations could further erode public trust in the Biden regime.

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Family members of the fallen soldiers argue that the regime concealed evidence that pointed to prior knowledge of the planned terrorist attack. They are now urging for transparency and accountability from a regime they feel has let them down.

“Nothing yet. In fact, I’ve asked for copies of the SD card footage off of his rifle scope. That would have been recorded, and they would have been able to have that as evidence that this was or was not, in fact, the bomber. That card has been ‘misplaced,’ as they say. So, I don’t know what the truth is anymore. We can’t seem to get a straight answer out of anybody.” – Mark Schmitz, father of Lance Corporal Jared Smith

The allegations also touch upon a broader context of what many conservatives believe is a pattern of deception and concealment by the Biden regime, particularly concerning matters of national security.

While the President and his team have continually reassured the public about their commitment to the armed forces and their families, these allegations are a stern contradiction. To date, the regime has not responded to these accusations, thereby only increasing public skepticism.

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Will the Biden regime address these damning allegations, or will they continue to go unanswered? One thing is sure: The American people, especially the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, deserve to know the truth.

Only time will tell whether these families will get the transparency they’re urging for or if the regime will continue to operate under a cloud of secrecy. One thing is sure: these allegations add another layer to the ever-growing list of concerns surrounding the Biden regime’s credibility.

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