Peter Doocy and Karine Jean Pierre have had quite a few battles since the White House’s equity hire took the podium in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room. By most people’s count, KJP has won very few of those battles, and this time around, it is no different. Watch:

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It didn’t take long for KJP to allude to the ‘very fine people’ hoax from the incident in Charlottesville in 2017, which is allegedly the moment Joe Biden decided to run for president for a third time after failing miserably in his first two attempts in 1988 and 2008. In 1998, Joe got 0.05% of the vote at the Democratic National Convention. In 2008, Joe got less than 100,000 votes in the Democrat primary… but somehow, in 2020, Joe got 81,000,000 ‘votes counted’ by campaigning from his basement. Yeah, okay. That makes perfect sense.

Anyway, back to the ‘very fine people’ hoax that got Joe to run in 2020. MAGS put together a great little video debunking the Trump is a racist claim based on that incident. Check it out:

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Joe Biden, by his own admission, got into the presidential race in 2020 because of Antisemitism. We’re now roughly three years into his presidency and people in his own Regime are admitting that antisemitism has been on the rise on his watch. Take John Kirby for example:

“That threat is rising… no question about it. I mean, in 2022, there were more anti-Semitic events in this country than there had been since 1979. And in this year, in ’23, we continue to see that rise. It’s dangerous.” – John Kirby

In other words, Joe Biden has failed miserably at combating the very thing that allegedly prompted him to get involved in the first place.

What has been going on at Cornell University isn’t an isolated incident by any means, but it does serve as a great example of how bad it has really gotten. RVM Network‘s Drew Berquist and Tom Cunningham weighed in the situation there. Watch:

“You have Cornell University, who literally law enforcement and federal agents had to be called to the frickin scene. Because you had all of these threats that were being posted around campus towards Jews.” – Drew Berquist

“I’d never thought the Hitler comparison would get as absurd as it did when Trump was President… He’s literally Hitler. And it’s like no, he’s not and now it’s like you know, this oppressive regime in Israel are a bunch of little Hitlers. WHAT?!? They love marching out the Hitler, you know, everybody’s a Nazi. And it’s like, what they don’t realize that we’ve been saying this for years. That’s them and they’re on the side of genocide.” – Tom Cunningham

RVM Network‘s Col. Rob Maness ret. also chimed in with a quote Retweet agreeing with Outkick‘s Bobby Burack‘s take on the value of free speech on college campuses regardless of how vile that speech is.

Now for the massive truth bomb on the Muslim migration agenda from Alex Jones. Watch:

“The Muslims have conquered everywhere they go. And they displace everybody else. And it’s what they do. And their religion teaches them be friendly, and nice until their numbers get up to 10%. Then they push everybody out of the cities that are in. And then finally out of the countries they’re in and they take over. The leftist have taught in universities here. They’ve got lots of Hollywood movies, misrepresenting history that the Crusades were an offensive attack on the Muslims, no, the Muslims got all the way halfway through Poland. They took over large areas of Russia and Eastern Europe, took over Spain. That’s why when Spain took back their country, it was called the la Reconquista or the reconquering, with El Cid and others that came after him, but that was the beginning of the La Reconquista was l said that the founder of modern Spain, and just as El Cid did not put all the Muslims to death. He has pushed them out back into the Middle East and Africa and they wanted to convert to Christianity they could because they would put your ass the sword if you didn’t convert to their religion or makes me chattel slaves. So let’s not play games here. The number one issue is are totally open borders, and giant third world populations being brought in to be taught to hate Europe and hate America. And they’re not even the enemy. It’s the globalist directing and controlling it,” – Alex Jones

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