In a determined push for transparency and accountability, Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, announced to Lou Dobbs and reported by Breitbart, on Friday that they had almost all of Hunter Biden’s bank records. By Sunday morning, on Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday Morning Futures on Fox News, Comer was already saying that more ‘action is imminent…

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“We subpoenaed his bank records, and we’ve gotten almost all the bank records in and during the process of giving us more, it’s been a long process because Lou, he has so many bank accounts, he would have one shell company with a dozen bank accounts, which shows, you’re a business guy, Lou I grew up watching you on on CNN and other business shows. This isn’t a legitimate business. This is a scam. They had different accounts, they laundered money, but because we got these bank accounts in, we’re very close to bringing in the Biden’s, I would say it’s a matter of days before they get served. We needed to have the bank records because now, if we didn’t have those bank records, we couldn’t say Jim Biden, what is this $200,000 check to your brother Joe Biden? No one knew about that till we got the bank record. So we built up a case and you know, I think that we just about got enough bank records to where we can bring them in and ask them specific questions with with specific hard evidence in the form of bank statements.” – Rep. James Comer

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“I think the subpoenas are imminent. I think this is going to be a big week. Look, first of all, we know Tuesday, my friend, Jim Jordan, who’s also on the Oversight Committee, but He’s chair of the Judiciary Committee, doing a great job investigating the weaponization of the federal government. He’s bringing in Special Counsel Weiss for a deposition, that is a very important part of the overall Impeachment Inquiry investigation. There are also a lot of other documents that I think are about to be released this week pertaining to loans and different things that the Biden’s had been engaged in that make no sense, that are completely counter to what Joe Biden has said publicly. We’re also as you know, we’ve subpoenaed a lot of bank documents, and it’s taken a long time to get these bank documents in. We’re waiting on a few more document to come in that we’ve successfully subpoenaed, but it’s taken forever. And again Maria, I don’t think the average person can imagine how many different checking accounts the president’s son had, and considering he didn’t have a legitimate business, that in itself is an enormous red flag. So once all those come in, I think you’re gonna see swift action on Biden’s and I would I would predict somewhere around two dozen subpoenas in the very near future.” – Rep. James Comer

You can watch the full segment of James Comer with Maria Bartiromo below.

The preparation of approximately two dozen subpoenas targeting the complex financial entanglements of President Joe Biden’s family. This bold move underscores the GOP’s investigative strategy, which is to focus the investigation in on the extensive loans and financial deals that have come under suspicion, with Hunter Biden’s business dealings taking center stage. These transactions, some of which involve foreign entities, have raised serious concerns over possible conflicts of interest and influence peddling. Comer’s commitment to unraveling the facts could reveal (to the masses) one of the largest political corruption cases in United States history. especially if mainstream Mockingbird media reports on it, but I personally am not holding my breath for that to happen.

Speaking of not holding my breath, our new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, is saying that James Comer and Jim Jordan have his full support as they continue the impeachment inquiry into President Biden…

“They are following the truth where it leads and they have my full support as they continue the impeachment inquiry into President Biden.” – Speaker Mike Johnson

Time will tell if it will be different this time. But with all the evidence against some of the major players we’ve seen before and no real accountability to come of it… like I said, I’m not holding my breath.

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