President Joe Biden is under fire from critics as questions are raised about his physical condition and leadership abilities after a recent press conference and encounter with protesters in Nantucket. His press conference started off with him stumbling to the podium, which had people questioning if he was drunk. Watch:

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During a press conference addressing the release of Israeli hostages, Biden appeared to stagger into the event, prompting speculation about his health and mental sharpness. Concerns were further fueled by his apparent lack of awareness regarding the American hostages who are still being held. Biden’s claim that the Hamas attack on Israel was due to his efforts to build a railroad and foster peace with Saudi Arabia was met with skepticism. Critics argued that his statements lacked credibility, casting doubt on his ability to handle delicate international situations effectively.

Biden also admitted he didn’t even know what was going on… TWICE. Watch:

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If that wasn’t enough, he also had a conspiracy theory in which he was also trying to take credit for what Trump started. Watch:

The president’s troubles continued as he faced heckling from protesters during a leisurely stroll through Nantucket. The demonstrators demanded “Free Palestine,” highlighting the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The incident drew attention to Biden’s approach to foreign policy and raised questions about his ability to navigate complex diplomatic challenges.

Adding to the controversy, Biden chose to have lunch at a restaurant with the ironic name, the “Brotherhood of Thieves.”. This decision sparked criticism and speculation about the president’s judgment, especially in light of the mounting allegations of corruption surrounding his regime.

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The ‘Free Palestine’ hecklers didn’t go away as the sun went down and Biden attended a tree lighting ceremony. Watch:

Conservatives, and now liberals, nationwide are raising concerns about Biden’s leadership and his fitness for office. As his approval ratings continue to decline, his supporters are becoming increasingly uneasy about his potential as the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for the 2024 election. Biden’s recent actions and responses have only served to fuel doubts, leading to a sense of disillusionment and mistrust among his base.

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