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Biden Regime KNOWINGLY Funds America’s Enemies While Joe Visits A Dictator [VIDEOS]

The Biden Regime recently reauthorized a sanctions waiver, allowing Iran access to approximately $10 billion in frozen assets. According to the State Department, this extension is intended to facilitate Iran’s continued access to these funds, which have been frozen due to international sanctions. The funds, primarily derived from electricity revenues, are allegedly aimed at humanitarian aid. Apparently, the Biden Regime is too stupid to understand that money is fungible… or they know that, and they’re directly and knowingly aiding an enemy of America.

“It’s going to allow the Iranian regime imminently to access $10 billion in Frozen funds that are being held inside Iraq. This is a decision that comes as Iranian backed forces are continually attacking us forces inside the Middle East. Now, despite a think a total we’re looking at 56 strikes now in 29 days, State Department officials insists they’re unconcerned about the prospect of that money being used to fund terrorists.” – Gillian Turner

Biden Regime spokesperson:

“We don’t worry about optics we’re about worried about reality. And the reality is that these funds, as I said, can only be used for humanitarian and other non sanctionable purposes.” – Matt Miller

It was only about two months ago when Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi said it is up to his government to decide how $6,000,000,000 in funds will be spent.

In other words, the Biden Regime KNOWS that the funds could be spent to fund terrorists to attack American interests. It is already KNOWN that they don’t care about their own people…

Then there’s this:

The Biden Regime KNOWS all of this. Now if you’re wondering why I’ve used all caps several times on the word KNOW or a a variation of it, here’s why: 10 U.S. Code § 903b – Art. 103b. Aiding the enemy [6]

Image Credit: Cornell Law [7]
Image Credit: My Military Lawyers [7]

They KNOW all of this and they also KNOW what Iran and it’s proxies have done in the past few weeks and what they continue to do to this day.


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