A chaotic scene unfolded at the popular Kowloon Restaurant in Saugus, Massachusetts, on Thanksgiving Eve, resulting in a full-blown brawl that sent several diners to the hospital and led to police being called to the scene.

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According to multiple eyewitnesses, the fight began when a group of patrons at the bar began exchanging heated words, which quickly escalated into a physical altercation. The commotion quickly spread to the dining area of the restaurant, with tables and chairs being overturned as the melee spilled outside.

“The Kowloon is a family friendly restaurant. Unfortunately a few unruly patrons ruined a nice evening for many others. A disturbance such as this on Thanksgiving Eve is unacceptable and disgusting.: – Chief Michael Ricciardelli, Saugus Police

Video footage from the incident showed patrons throwing punches, using chairs as weapons, and yelling obscenities at one other. According to reports, police arrived on the scene and used pepper spray to break up the fighting.

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The Kowloon Restaurant has been a staple in Saugus, Massachusetts, for decades, renowned for its menu of Asian-inspired cuisine and lively atmosphere. Regulars are expressing sadness and disappointment about the brawl, noting that Thanksgiving Eve is typically a jovial time for families and friends to gather and share a meal.

This incident has once again highlighted concerns about escalating violence in public spaces in the United States. This Thanksgiving brawl is just the latest example of how quickly confrontations can escalate and the need for greater awareness and vigilance in public spaces. We urge authorities to take swift action to investigate this incident and hold the individuals responsible accountable for their actions.

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