American-Israeli citizen Abigail Mor Edan has been released by Hamas, marking the first instance of freedom for American hostages since the truce between Israel and the terror group began. This joyful development comes after six agonizing weeks of captivity for Abigail, who was abducted during the October 7 massacre in southern Israel.

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The four-year-old girl’s parents, Roy Edan,43, and Smadar Edan,40, were murdered when Hamas militants stormed their kibbutz, leaving Abigail and her two siblings, aged 10 and six, hiding in their family home for hours. The siblings, thankfully, survived the harrowing ordeal. Abigal ‘celebrated’ her 4th birthday while in captivity.

Following a series of negotiations and diplomatic efforts, Abigail’s release marks a significant breakthrough in achieving freedom for those taken hostage by Hamas. The ordeal began with Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel, claiming over 1,200 Israeli lives while resulting in the deaths of more than 13,000 Palestinians during the Israeli counter-offensive.

Sunday proved to be a moment of relief, with Abigail Mor Edan embraced by Red Cross officials upon her release from captivity. As of now, 10 American citizens remain unaccounted for, and efforts to secure their freedom are ongoing.

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This is the reported list of Israeli hostages released tonight:
1. Abigail Idan, 4
2. Ella Elyakim, 8
3. Dafna Elyakim, 15
4. Hagar Brodetz Ama, 40 and her children
5. Ofri Brodetz, 10
6. Yuval Brodetz, 8
7. Oriya Brodetz, 4
8. Chen Goldstein, 48 and her children
9. Agam Goldstein, 17
10. Tal Goldstein, 9
11. Gal Goldstein, 11
12. Alma Avraham, 84
13. Adrian Aviva Siegel, 63

Joe Biden has allegedly been closely monitoring the hostage situation, expressed his concern for the well-being of the released hostages. Aware of the long healing process ahead, the President acknowledged that the ordeal these individuals have endured is immense, stating, “This is the beginning of a long journey of healing for them.” President Biden, currently celebrating Thanksgiving in Nantucket, Massachusetts, was briefed multiple times by his national security team on the latest developments regarding the hostage release from Gaza.

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