California Governor Gavin Newsom faces mounting criticism after an explosive report revealed that he has donated millions of dollars to mosques allegedly promoting anti-Semitism and Hamas terrorism. According to a report by the Western Journal, Newsom has awarded millions of dollars to Mosques in California that reportedly promote anti-Semitic agendas and cheer the annihilation of Jews.

The report alleges that some of the mosques receiving the funding have direct ties to Hamas, a designated terrorist organization known for its heinous attacks against Israel and its citizens. One mosque was allegedly caught on camera preaching anti-Semitic hate, saying that Jews “deserve nothing but hellfire.”

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Townhall reported that Newsom allegedly gave millions to anti-Semitism groups linked to Hamas, which has been responsible for numerous terrorist attacks on civilians and has declared its intention to destroy Israel. The donations have reportedly been made under the guise of promoting “religious tolerance,” but critics have called for greater accountability and transparency in California’s Mosque funding.

Calls are growing for Newsom to account for his actions and for steps to be taken to prevent state funds from being directed toward groups with extremist and anti-Semitic views. Conservative groups have called for the Governor to launch an immediate investigation into the funding of these Mosques and to take appropriate action to prevent any further funds from being awarded.

The revelation has caused outrage among communities both in and outside California, with concerns being raised about the rise of extremism and anti-Semitism in the state. Conservative groups are also urging the Governor to take a stronger stance against Hamas and to support Israel in its fight against terrorism.

The report has raised serious questions about California’s funding of religious institutions and the potential for state funds to be directed toward extremist groups. It has also put the spotlight on Governor Newsom and his handling of mosque funding, which critics say needs to be re-examined and tightened to prevent any further instances of state funds being directed toward extremist groups.

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And lets not forget he’s also sucking up to the Chines Communist Party’s genocidal dictator:

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