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Gavin Newsom Goes Globetrotting and Gallivanting for Good Reason

Is California Governor Gavin Newsom the next presidential guardrail, event manager, producer, and point man to be installed into the Executive in 2024? Will this occur via another rigged election courtesy of the Intelligence Community? Gavin Newsom is gallivanting and globetrotting for good reason, with his recent Israel/China trip clearly indicating that Newsom is running for president in 2024. This is despite the many indications that Michelle Obama could be the favored nominee.

How enjoyable would it be to observe the white male hating, disparaging label applying, progressive Left implode and scream after the Praetorian Guard installs another elite, white male of substantial wealth and privilege into the Executive instead of a polarizing and “diverse” black female?

Imagine running on the platform of being a “female” intent on shattering that “glass ceiling” when the party you represent can’t even define what a “female” is, which team the “female” should play for, or which restroom the “female” should use.

It’s all fodder for the functional idiots incapable of independent and critical thinking who are unwittingly marching themselves into technocratic enslavement out of programmed white guilt…more or less…and they’re dragging the rest of us along with them.

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say.

Gavin Newsom’s trip to Israel and China indicates that this scenario may become a reality and has a historical precedent.

You da’ man, Gavin! Go get ’em!

And get ’em he will, occurring along the lines of established if not old and clearly outlined plans that will have guided his predecessors and will continue to guide his successors; assuming the American people don’t wake up the hell up and unite to intervene at some point in between.

And that’s only if we all survive the third world war they appear so very intent on having on an electoral schedule.

Now, it seems that Gavin Newsom could be sitting in the captain’s chair for that war if it comes to fruition.

You da’ man, Gavin! Go get ’em!


I have included in an abundance of analysis to this point positions holding that the Intelligence Community is resetting the 2024 ticket with ongoing operations to remove both Joe Biden and Donald Trump as candidates, precluding them both from their respective ticket.

The IC’s removal of Biden and Trump for 2024 opens the door for Gavin Newsom to be appointed as the successor, but he is a candidate who is incapable of surviving the close scrutiny of a full campaign, longtime Moonshine contributor “Wall St.” tells us.

Slotting in as a late entry is a politically tactical strategy for Newsom to circumvent the close scrutiny that comes during the meat of the full campaign process; the Governor is likely sneaking in late through the backdoor.

“Hey, everybody. I’m here now,” Newsom will quietly whisper as he’s positioned to quickly overtake the field.

Whip up a few polls to generate a narrative around his late entry and instant momentum, and the rest is just stealing votes until you have enough to say, “You da’ man, Gavin! Go get ’em!”; whatever that takes.

We learned this in 2020.

So, it is incumbent upon us to examine other indicators of Newsom as a late entry candidate for president , and the Israel/China trip is a clear one with a historical precedent.


Following his January 2017 inauguration, President Trump embarked on an international trip to meet with world leaders with one very peculiar caveat – former President Barack Obama shadowed Trump for the entire trip, mirroring his meetings with those leaders. [1]


Easy answer from Barack: “Everything is fine. I’m still in office serving in my third term, and Donald is nothing but an aberration and an interruption. My team and I have everything covered from my basement bunker, only a few blocks away from the White House. We’ll resume normal operations in January 2021 with a new company man.”

Between those plausible but hypothetical remarks from Obama to world leaders and Joe Biden’s inauguration to resume “normal operations,” we had a fake pandemic that was used to steal an election to install Proxy Joe as the new “company man” running point for Barack, China, and the IC.

Just look at how much literal destruction and despair has been created out of Proxy Joe’s portrayal of utter incompetence as the veil to his deluded and demented senility that has the United States crumbling from within [#ClowardPivenStrategy, #DeadHorseKickedAgain, #MakeChinaGreatAgain].

As the puppeteers keep a large swath of the unwitting audience focused on their senile old man puppet, the audience remains completely oblivious to what is really going on behind the puppeteers’ curtain.

Moreover, look at all of the evidence of Proxy Joe’s criminality [and this is just some of it]: CEFC China Energy Company, Burisma, FTX, Penn Biden Center, Metabiota, Hunter Biden’s laptop and Marco Polo’s [1] authoritative forensic dossier [2] on the laptop and much, much more.

This Biden wrap sheet review is a critical aspect of the next Executive’s scope of operations and, so it’s important to delineate and understand it relative to Gavin Newsom.

This scope exemplifies the essence of institutional preservation, which for the next Executive and plausibly Newsom, arrives in the form of managing the ongoing and forward cover-up operations for the corruption, criminality, treason, and crimes against humanity committed by the U.S. politburo, with Biden being the most egregious example.

Newsom stands to inherit that scope of operations and duties, and he’s aptly qualified to do the establishment’s bidding, given his grooming and all of his practice in the management of California.


Digressing and despite the optics of an impossible and unexpected Trump victory that they did not foresee, Barack Obama’s 2017 trip in the immediate shadow of President Donald Trump was to reassure global [Globailst] co-conspirators that he was still “the man.”

If it’s not obvious by now and through that lens, Gavin Newsom’s trip to Israel and China bears the hallmarks of Barack’s historic precedent-setting and paralleling 2017 trip.

Therefore, the assumption becomes that Newsom may have journeyed abroad to reassure Globalist co-conspirators with respect to being president in 2024 that he will be “the man.”

In 2007, a junior Senator from Illinois who was only three years down the road from community organizing and being a State Senator oddly emerged from thin air to become the appointed Democratic nominee thanks to endorsements from prominent Democrats and an IC plan to shoehorn him into office.

In 2020, the IC shoehorned Biden into office with the fake “pandemic.”

Comparatively, for the IC to take a late entry candidate in California Governor Gavin Newsom and shoehorn him into the White House for 2024 is child’s play.

They even have another pandemic queued up and ready to go to make sure everyone’s “vote” is cast in a preferred way for a preferred candidate.

You da’ man, Gavin! Go get ’em!


Like most [former] crown jewel cities and scores of others in the U.S., San Francisco was built and is run by “old money,” and where in the majority of these major cities, it’s old Democratic money.

So then, when you see the things that are the products of “old money” urban management, like reduction in policing, rampant crime, homelessness, and opioid addiction, know their source.

[Above image: San Francisco, home to Gavin Newsom and Nancy Pelosi.]
There is strong evidence for how a San Francisco old money kid in Gavin Newsom was groomed and positioned to eventually succeed Biden in the Executive, standing to inherit and continue the ongoing operations to carry China’s water.

The January 2017 inauguration of President Donald J. Trump ushered in a swift change in U.S. bilateral relations with China.

Succinctly, Trump put the unruly dog back on the leash and brought China to heel on an international stage.

On the same 2016-2017 timeline and from the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development and the California Energy Commission, the State of California and then Governor Jerry Brown stood on California’s long history with China, as exemplified by California’s Chinatowns, to deepen engagement with China. [2] [3]

The Lieutenant Governor at that time [2011-2019] was San Francisco old money kid, Gavin Newsom.

In 2016, Brown and the State of California convened the Joint Working Group in Beijing to discuss ways to strengthen economic opportunities for California’s clean tech companies and encourage Chinese foreign direct investment. [4]

This example and the ones below are only several of myriad others that find California and China in bed together for all of the wrong reasons.

The deep analysis at Moonshine positions things like “economic opportunity” and “direct foreign business investment” as the vernacular and context for corruption, criminality, sell-outs, and treason via private equity deals and personal enrichment.

More broadly, it’s the context of slave masters getting getting rich while making slaves out of a formerly free people.

More specifically, and as I exclusively captured in my 01 Jun 21 piece Follow the Money [3], the “economic opportunities” and “direct foreign business investment” in ENERGY are robust , and where robust opportunities are to be found, one will find Joe Biden.

Think about it this way: the entire world and all of its human inhabitants are dependent upon some form[s] of energy for basic survival.

This makes the ubiquitous demand for energy the perfect vehicle and mechanism for internationally-based enterprise fraud [ripping off taxpayers and committing treason along the way.]

Look no further than the hundreds of Moonshine articles presenting analysis and evidence that are dedicated to exposing Chinese proxy Joe Biden’s use of this precise construct, with Burisma [Ukraine] and CEFC China Energy Company [China] being the two prime examples of the private equity side. [5]

Here’s a fun fact about Joe and Hunter Biden’s business partners, Chairman Ye Jianming and the CEFC China Energy Company: CEFC was the economic arm of China’s primary hegemonic doctrine, One Belt, One Road or BRI Initiative, and the political arm was the CCP.

Translated: Joe sold us all out to the CCP.

Question: Will Gavin sell us out to the CCP?

More important question: Has Gavin already sold us out to the CCP?

Hold on to the Belt Road Initiative because it not only underpins all that China does, but it comes back to us with Newsom further down the road.

We can also look at Proxy Joe’s massive money laundering scandals in Ukraine, including FTX, and noting that Sam Bankman-Fried was just convicted and faces sentencing of upwards of 110 years in prison, noting that my analysis maintains that SBF will receive significant leniency in sentencing.

Not without a sense of irony, Newsom vetoed crypto regulation in California at an extremely awkward time: right in between the implosion of two prominent cryptocurrencies and the collapse of a crypto exchange -and- the SBF-engineered FTX disaster. [6]

We can also look at the Bidens’ private equity relationship with Metabiota as a subcontractor for Labyrinth Global Health, Inc., as a subcontractor for Black & Veatch as a contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense. [7]

The Metabiota deal revolved around DoD contracts for U.S. biolabs in Ukraine, specifically involving SARS-CoV-2 and the term “COVID-19” before “COVID-19” ever existed in the public domain [11 Feb 20]. [8]

Again and in ways entirely indicative of the commission of enterprise fraud and worse crimes, Metabiota linked the Biden’s directly and specifically to “COVID-19” through private equity before “COVID-19” ever existed as a known term in the public domain.

[See all of the COVID-19 graphic illustrations on enterprise fraud from my independent forensic report submitted to my team led by Dr. Henry Ealy and sponsored by Oregon State Senators Dennis Linthicum and Kim Thatcher: COVID-19 Enterprise Fraud Construct Timeline: Major Dates, Events, Entities & Legislation [4]].

All of that and more threads through Ukraine and China to envelop Russia and the Middle East while it also presents the wide spectrum of underlying interfaces and entry points where the Bidens conduct criminal operations and are compensated for them.

The common denominator in that is ENERGY; it is the international currency of corruption and crime.

[Here’s one of countless articles to go deeper on Proxy Joe: The Real Joe Biden, the Fake Pandemic and the Devastating Consequences [5].]

Biden’s fake “pandemic” of enterprise fraud has delivered the status quo that Newsom stands to inherit , and so it’s not by accident that Biden’s marked uptick in income primarily occurred between him leaving the vice presidency in January 2017, when he was precluded from earning any such income, and in the run-up to the 27 Dec 19 first report of a viral outbreak.

“We are not prepared for a pandemic,” said Joe Biden on 25 Oct 19, just two months and two days before the first news report of a viral outbreak in China, when his income soared exponentially with threads directly back to Ukraine and, of course, China.

Think it’s an accident that we stand on the precipice of a kinetic third-world war against China and Russia with the Middle East as the now likely flashpoint?


This is all fodder for fools.

These types of things don’t just happen organically and miraculously to fall on a precise timeline, at least not for anyone with a modicum of common sense or intellect.

Established and executed plans will produce such circumstances, though.

The point is that context [energy, economic opportunity, investment, etc.] is established to build the construct for enterprise fraud.

That context specifically creates the interface between the conspirators [directly, indirectly, by contracting, by proxy, via shell corporations, etc.].

The interface is private equity [ergo the Bidens, the Ukrainians, Burisma, CEFC China Energy Company, the Chinese and the CCP, Bohai Harvest, Rosemont Seneca, etc.]. [9]

Once Newsom arrives to occupy the Executive, he will carry China’s water because, like Proxy Joe, Gavin is a pea in China’s pod; he belongs to them, and the evidence for it is deep and broad.

Gavin will gladly haul his own buckets, all of Biden’s buckets, and all of the buckets from a wide swath of U.S. politicians, all filled with China’s water.

Here is one such piece of evidence exemplifying Gavin’s bucket overrunning with China’s water: During the COVID-19 “pandemic,” Governor Newsom brokered a $1 billion no-bid deal with a China manufacturer to produce medical masks for the State of California. [10]

Things like that happen because, over decades, China has infiltrated the U.S. and its institutions, including its university system, political system, politicians, states, state governments, and more.

California is the primary interface for China’s infiltration of the U.S, which is widely observed in things like China coming to control U.S. ports in California [smuggling, contraband, WMDs, etc.] [11] [12] [13] and China’s acquisition of substantial amounts of U.S./CA farmland [control of food supply] [14] [15].

Newsom’s most egregious example of carrying China’s water is clearly the highly controversial no-bid contract awarded to a Chinese auto manufacturer to produce masks for the fraudulent COVID-19 “pandemic” of Chinese origins , and so we should allow it to inform our understanding of the broader Newsom landscape and the energy and climate matters below. [16] [17] [18]

We pause to emphasize another important in the analysis: If [when?] Gavin Newsom is installed into the Executive; he will inherit the responsibility of managing ongoing and forward operations where China is deeply and widely enmeshed, making preexisting cooperative relationships with China a premium for the next president and where Newson’s mayoral, lieutenant governorship and governorship of China’s primary U.S. infiltration point California make him the perfect Biden successor.

In other words, Newsom is the perfect candidate to replace Biden and pick up right where China left off.

Grab your buckets, Gavin, because you da’ man!

For times like this, keeping things in the family is ideal, and Newsom is certainly in the family – the family of San Francisco’s old money of both acquired and generational wealth exemplified by Nancy and Paul Pelosi.

Accurate historical accounts hold that San Francisco old money made its way to becoming Speaker of the House, where it twice fraudulently impeached a sitting presidententrapped innocent Americans inside the U.S. Capitol on 06 Jan 21 to establish a fraudulent political narrative to give extra-constitutional authority for the FBI to target Americans as “domestic terrorists” and a communist regime’s political enemiesexpanded the jurisdiction of the Capitol Police to electoral epicenters Florida and California, waged open war against the general population and otherwise made a mockery out of The House, which was formerly one of our most cherished institutions. [19]

Nancy Pelosi and her San Francisco old money did all of that and more.

The dynamics of San Francisco old money and California as an infiltration site for China to access and compromise Washington D.C. provides a micro-to-macro model that we can examine to project a future U.S. should the next Executive and the financing behind him originate from San Francisco old money.

Consider the behested financing made on behalf of Newsom’s by his primary financiers in the last gubernatorial campaign [emphasis added]. [20]

Facebook, Google , and Blue Shield of California are among the companies that contributed $226 million to government causes on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s behalf last year, an unprecedented level of spending that is raising alarms about the influence large corporations are amassing in Sacramento.

LA Times

[Examine Newsom’s top 100 financiers here [6]].

The LA Times article, which is worthy of independent consumption, goes on to delineate the controversial and problematic nature of Newsom’s contributors and financiers to paint an accurate portrait of a man owned by China and others and where the influence of those others reaches down to the front door of every Californian in one capacity or another.

Recall earlier when I stated that it’s impossible to remove the tethers between COVID-19 and the entire status quo, that the former delivered the latter by fraudulent design?

Consider how a now proven conspirator in 2020 election interference – Facebook – actively censored accounts and information damaging to the Biden campaign or that was off-reservation on sensitive subjects like Hunter Biden’s laptop, COVID-19, etc.; and how Facebook was Newsom’s top financier on the same 2020/2021 fake pandemic/stolen election timeline [emphasis added] [20]:

[Thread Facebook to China with the FBI as a central node in work completed for an attorney-client, beginning with the first part: EDIFY: Critical Nexus: Twitter, WSGR, Macgillivray & White House [7].]

The top donor of behested payments to Newsom in 2020 was tech giant Facebook, which gave $27 million for gift cards that went to front-line healthcare workers and for public health ads. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, gave another $3.7 million for COVID-19-related efforts , such as polling services aimed at improving public health response and help with the state’s public awareness campaign, as well as money for the state’s wildfire recovery efforts.

LA Times

More than $43 million in behested payments was earmarked in 2020 for the governor’s office, including $500,000 from YouTube, $300,000 from TikTok , and $227,000 from Netflix, with those donations used for public health ads. COVID-19 vaccine maker Pfizer Inc. gave $250,000 on behalf of the governor to a nonprofit providing trailers to house families in need of shelter during the pandemic.

Paramount PicturesAmazonT-Mobile, and Bank of America Corp. were among the more than 100 donors that gave on behalf of Newsom last year.

LA Times

The LA Times continues, [20]

This year, companies have thus far donated $2.4 million on behalf of Newsom, who is facing an effort to recall him from office, with half of those payments related to pandemic efforts. Three organizations, including Silicon Valley Bank, collectively gave $175,000 this year on behalf of the governor to the California Partners Project, a nonprofit launched by First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom that focuses on promoting gender equity and understanding the impact of technology and media on children.

LA Times

Don’t you find it peculiar that through money, banking, and finance, Newsom ties to Silicon Valley Bank as a financier, and where SVB ties directly to the same election interference as his primary financier, Facebook, as old analysis evidences?

[Go deeper and get the receipts with Silicon Valley Bank, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, and Larry W. Sonsini [8]].

Forbes reports [9] that the usual suspects came out to support Newsom in his 2021 election recall fight [emphasis added]:

California Governor Gavin Newsom, who is facing a recall election in two months, has drawn far more support from billionaire donors than any of his opponents — by a compelling margin. 

Altogether, 23 billionaires have donated to a California gubernatorial candidate, according to a search of the California Secretary of State’s Cal-Access Campaign Finance database. Of those, 19 have backed Newsom, donating a combined $5.7  million , while three have thrown their financial weight behind Republican challenger Caitlyn Jenner. Just one has donated to former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, also a Republican.

California political analysts aren’t surprised by how the support is stacking up.

“Many of California’s billionaires come from the technology sector,” says Jack Pitney, a political science professor at Claremont McKenna College. “They see Democrats as more sympathetic to science and international trade. They are leery of Republican positions on social issues and immigration.”

Newsom’s largest backer so far is Netflix cofounder and CEO Reed Hastings [10], whose $3.1 million contribution is ten times greater than the next largest donation.  Ten billionaires in tech —including DoorDash cofounders Andy Fang and Stanley Tang and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt  — have also donated to Newsom.  New York hedge fund tycoons George Soros and Jim Simons are the only billionaire Newsom donors living outside California. Some of the donations went to Newsom’s Stop The Recall campaign, while others have gone to his 2022 election campaign. Newsom took office as governor in January 2019, and if he is not recalled in September, he could run for a second term in November 2022.


*Donor images from Forbes [9].

For the progressive liberal Newsom, I count 17 white folks, 16 men, and only four women.

How un-progressive and un-liberal of Gavin.

Action and money always reveal what the imposters and slave masters themselves won’t, especially future slave masters trying to sneak in late through the back door like Gavin Newsom and his San Francisco old money.

Look at how the underlying China matter persists with a reminder not to be dismissive of “students” serving as capable CCP agents because, as we know from old analysis, Chinese asset and Harvard University professor Dr. Charles Lieber smuggled vials of coronavirus samples to China on the eve of the fake pandemic using Harvard students who were also CCP officers.

I’m not saying that’s the case here, but no matter, the Chinese connections are ever-present.

For example, and from that list, Jerry Yang is Taiwanese [21] while Andy Fang is Taiwanese parents [22], and Stanley Tang, who previously worked as a Facebook engineer, was born and grew up in Hong Kong [23] [24].

The other DoorDash founder, Tony Xu, was born in China; the three students met while attending Stanford University.

That’s the same Stanford in which the FTX scandal soaks.

It’s the same Stanford compromised by China.

It’s the same Stanford that threads through the fraudulent COVID-19 “pandemic.”

Just like Harvard does, and professor Lieber did.

It’s because these are family affairs where legacy and bloodlines underpin everything else, and this is especially so within the university system and the preferred institutions for these families and their kids to be indoctrinated into the family affairs of old money: San Francisco old money.

In front of the old money is new money , and with reason, we can logically deduce that the forces behind the miserable status quo are the same ones financing Gavin Newsom.

In what appears to be a hushed approach from Newsom to occupy the Executive in 2024, BIG TECH, BIG MEDIA, BIG MONEY, and BIG PHARMA have already placed their money behind and in front of Gavin Newsom for his suspected quiet and late 2024 entry.

Once we apply the old and new money behind and in front of Gavin Newsom to our micro: macro [CA: U.S.] model, we clearly see that the U.S. will continue its current and decades-long decline and further slide into Marxist communism, should Newsom be installed.

By dissecting California’s model, we continue to find the evidence in the Chinese parts found everywhere we look.

How many of Gavin Newsom’s 2021 contributors thread directly or indirectly to China, or are China?

Consider these, for example:

  1. YouTube and its parent company , Google [Alphabet], censored and banned off-reservation 2020 election and COVID-19 content providers in ways to directly benefit Joe Biden, his principal China, and the IC
  2. TikTok is a Chinese social media company
  3. Netflix has indirect ties to China through its deal with the Obamas, and you are left to your own to sort out the sordid bio of Reed Hastings and the extensive Obama/China ties from old analysis [25]
  4. Pfizer, Inc. has obvious direct ties to China as an extension of COVID-19 enterprise fraud
  5. Paramount Global and its failed 1 billion dollar deal with a Chinese company to fund programming [determine/censor content] [26].

Moreover, what about California under Newsom’s governorship?

Before we answer that question, we must address the giant elephant in the room, that is, “climate change” relative to the commission of enterprise fraud and how “climate” is embedded into the energy sector.

Whatever you may think about “climate change, the facts bear out that it’s an enormous construct of fraudulent “data” and “science” that is leveraged by politicians to engage in matters under fraudulent pretenses and for ulterior objectives that include the further commission of enterprise fraud for profit and as a mechanism for technocratic enslavement.

In other words, “climate change” is the fake, scary boogeyman , and “energy” is the way to profit from it while controlling every aspect of your life with an on/off switch.

Once everything is electric and digital, it will all relegated to complete control by the flip of a switch, turning it all on and off at will: energy [heating, cooking, etc.], transportation [electric vehicles with remote kill switches and long charge times dependent upon conventional energy], currency [buying, selling, acquiring food and supplies, etc.], etc.

You get the picture.

Joe Biden traipsed all over the globe, brokering one energy deal after another in one foreign nation after another, and I followed him: Follow the Money [3].

Biden used an energy and climate template.

Like a Biden beholden to China, Governor Newsom is using the same basic energy and climate template established by his predecessor, Governor Jerry Brown, when Newsom was lieutenant governor [emphasis added] [27]:

China and California have already begun forging new trails to capture this opportunity. During his recent six-day visit to China [11]Governor Jerry Brown, America’s “unofficial climate change ambassador [12],” met with China’s most prominent government figures, including President Xi Jinping, to discuss ways the Red Dragon and the Golden State could collaborate on climate strategies. President Xi rarely meets with government officials other than fellow national leaders, so his nearly hour-long conversation with California’s governor indicates the importance China is placing on climate cooperation.

California And California: Benefiting From Stronger Cooperation

Both governments see big economic and environmental upsides to increased cooperation. California views China as a rising dynamic force, a valuable export market, a source of new investment, and an innovation collaborator. While in China last week, Governor Brown said [13]“China is leading. California is leading… California-China cooperation has taken a real leap forward.” Likewise, China considers California a trailblazer for the sustainable development path it aspires to follow.


The analytical position doesn’t get much clearer than the following with respect to our micro: macro model [emphasis added] [27]:

“As Energy Innovation CEO Hal Harvey said [12]“The reference point for China is not Washington; it is California. They would rather learn from California than any other jurisdiction.”


China isn’t learning from California, and California isn’t learning from China.

Rather, China and California are conspiring.

China is the syringeMarxist communism is the injectable circulatory bioweaponCalifornia is the injection site, and D.C. is the heart of it all.

Once the bioweapon circulates from the California injection site to the D.C. heart and out to the rest of the body [the remaining 49 states], it, too, begins succumbing to infection until the entire body is fatally infected and Marxist communism has prevailed.

In our analogous model, China circumvented a problematic D.C. by leveraging federalism to identify the friendliest injection site for infiltration, which was determined to be California.

We saw evidence of Marxist communism flowing from San Francisco old money, through California and on to D.C. and then out to the rest of the country with the fraudulent “pandemic” [see the graphic illustrations below] and with Nancy Pelosi’s tenure as House Speaker [as discussed above].

Don’t forget the exclusive analysis from March 2020 explaining how Pelosi, in part, ran the first impeachment operation as the deflection point construct away from the implementation of the fraudulent “pandemic”: COVID-19, IMPEACHMENT AND THE W.H.O. BRAID TOGETHER LIKE A ROPE: Overlaying three timelines to demonstrate COVID-19 as a political construct shielded by the diversion of impeachment [14].

Take all of this to mean that when you hear or read things like, “China and California understand that policies promoting innovation and clean tech will be the economic winners of the 21st century,” understand that they are brokering bilateral agreements on the mechanisms for sell-out and personal enrichment as compensation for agreeing to the end of national sovereignty and the beginning of technocratic enslavement. [27]

Apply that to Gavin Newsom and his trip to Israel and China.


Apply what we have learned to Newsom and his gallivanting and globetrotting to Israel, Hong Kong, and China. [28]

The governor’s office said he met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog, but a Newsom statement focused entirely on the “unimaginable heroism and unspeakable tragedy” he encountered in visits with Israelis wounded in the attack or whose family members are among those still missing, including at least two from California.


In other words, Newsom is saying“Look here! Hamas! Don’t Look Here! “‘Hey, fellas, in 2024, I’m the man!’”

Understand this – the IC needs friction between the U.S. and China over Taiwan as a factor in fomenting geopolitical tension rising to a plausible third world war.

These are manufactured optics, and so Newsom is positioned by his trip to maintain bilateral operations related to climate, energy, and the rest of it, as much as it is a step leading up to the door of a Newsom White House.

In China, Newsom met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Chinese Vice President Han Zheng and President Xi Jinping. [29] [30]

The Governor also met Wednesday with Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Vice President Han Zheng and signed a new climate-focused Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Development and Reform Commission Chairman Zheng Shanjie. The Governor was joined by U.S. Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns for the series of discussions.

Office of Governor Gavin Newsom

[*Note the infusion of cultural Marxism in the form of sown division in the image above that was captured with text and as found on the Governor’s Office’s website.]

While in Hong Kong, Newsom “attend a reception in Hong Kong with “climate and carbon neutrality leaders” co-hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Consulate,” further noting that “Newsom’s office said he has no plans to meet with Hong Kong’s senior leadership.” [31]

With Newsom’s modus operandi understood relative to China, further consider these examples of California under Newsom’s governorship, bearing in mind our micro: macro position and positions on energy, climate, etc., noticing how the verbiage below is similar to identical [reproduced as written on the front cover of each MOU with emphasis added]:

  3. A 2023 Memorandum of Understanding on Environment and Climate Cooperation Between The California Air Resources Board And The Beijing Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau [34]
  5. A 2023 Memorandum of Understanding to Enhance Cooperation on Green Development between the Government of Guangdong Province and the Government of the State of California [36]

These MOUs were executed by Newsom and the State of California between 24-28 Oct 23 during his trip to Israel, Hong Kong, and China, and they generally represent extensions of previous agreements of varying dates of origin.

Listen to Joe Biden verify everything I’m telling you via the office of Gavin Newsom and through our analytical lenses [emphasis added] [34]:

As President Biden said, American leadership is what holds the world together, and American alliances are what keep us safe. Because of California’s history with China on climate cooperation and our world-leading climate efforts, our state can serve as a bridge on one of the most consequential issues of our time.

Office of Governor Gavin Newsom

You know what’s crossing that bridge, and none of it’s any good for liberty, freedom, or democracy.

Consider that in 2017, in Newsom’s hometown of San Francisco, where he previously served as mayor and which is already bringing back mask mandates [37], and in the Bay area generally, China’s ‘Bay to Bay’ initiative was brought online when Newsom was lieutenant governor. [38]

The ‘Bay to Bay’ report “was prepared by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute for the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC).” [38]

The Bay Area Council Economic Institute describes itself as having [emphasis added] “been the leading think tank focused on the economy of the San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley, one of the most dynamic regions in the United States and the world’s leading center for technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. A forum for stakeholder engagement and a respected source of information and fact-based analysis, the Institute is a trusted partner and adviser to business leaders, government agencies, and educational institutions.” [38]

Let’s be frank.

Evidence and analysis strongly indicates that technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation have been the lanes and mechanisms for overthrow as a pathway to implement global technocratic enslavement.

Moreover, this is a perfect example of the private [business and equity] – public [“government agencies”] interface that the old analysis positions as a central node to overthrow.

What a compromised and corrupt [to the level of treason] federal government is precluded from doing according to Constitutional boundaries, it outsources to the private sector to be done with impunity.

China and the CCP infuses themselves through these private sector interfaces, coming to touch and shape U.S. policy, etc., inside CONUS [15].

In other words, the federal government can’t violate your First Amendment right to shut you up because you’re off-reservation in your speech, but you can be herded to Facebook and Xwitter [and several others] as the only meaningful speech platforms, where they will shut you up because of “community standards and rules” enforced with the same two-tiered approach that Proxy Joe Biden’s Department of Justice applies to its matriculation of U.S. law.

See how that works?

For China and the CCP, these public-private interfaces align with doctrinal objectives to become their portals of infiltration, and the resulting bilateral agreements, MOUs, etc., become the products of design for how the CCP operates to overtake from nations within.

When China looks at Newsom, they, too, shout, “You da’ man, Gavin! Go get’ em! “

More specifically, Newsom is China’s man, just like his plausible predecessor, Proxy Joe Biden.

To my point [emphasis added], [39]

The relationship between the federal government of the United States and Chinese Communist Party leadership does not define the entirety of bilateral ties. 

In his new book The Transpacific Experiment: How China and California Collaborate and Compete for our Future [16], journalist Matt Sheehan describes how ties between Beijing and the largest American state offer a unique lens into the risks and opportunities of the Sino-American relationship writ large. Sheehan details how China’s growing financial clout has shaped higher education and real estate in California as well as two of the state’s marquee industries: technology and entertainment.

Frederic J. Brown / Asia Society

Do you see the consistent interfaces for China’s infiltration: finance, higher education, real estate, technology, and entertainment?

China’s control and influence in those domains are the avenues to overthrow as they directly shape U.S. society and culture from the designs of their hegemonic and military doctrine.

Respective to our micro: macro position, China and the CCP have already established what are clear operations with ‘Bay to Bay’ under Newsom’s watch, noting the emphasis given to the Chinese doctrine that I have studied and analyzed so intensively [One Belt, One Road/Belt Road Initiative (held onto from earlier), Made In China 2025, Five-Year Plan[s]] and others [37]:

[This is one example of much analysis of Chinese doctrine: Amerikan Remake: Application of Chinese Doctrine, One Belt-One Road, House Memo, Cloward, and Piven [17].]

From the ‘Bay to Bay’ Executive Summary and as a clear and incontrovertible example of how the CCP infiltrates foreign nations to do its doctrinal bidding [emphasis added]:

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) is a long-term planning project by the government of China to economically integrate the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions with nine cities in Guangdong Province: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, and Zhaoqing. The goal is a strategically unified southern China region that enables the accelerated flow of people, capital, goods, and services and deepens the “One Country, Two Systems” format that joins Hong Kong and Macao with the mainland. The plan is an integral part of China’s continued “opening up” to the world began in 1978; its “Made in China 2025” initiative that aims to strengthen China’s leadership in technology and manufacturing; and its “going out” global strategy as exemplified by the Belt and Road Initiative. The term “Greater Bay Area” is derived by reference from the experience of the San Francisco Bay Area, a multijurisdictional region that is the world’s leading platform for technology and innovation; following that model, China’s Greater Bay Area plan also seeks to make Southern China’s Pearl River Delta region an integrated global innovation hub.

China’s Bay-to-Bay Initiative

To exemplify how pervasive China and its BRI are, peruse the California Chamber of Commerce [18]‘s offerings [19] on BRI:

Important to note above and with positions from from older analysis is how China uses infrastructure to apply Marxist communism to its people, and further, this is why Joe Biden’s “infrastructure” bill was way more than and far from just “infrastructure.”

Consider even more facts:

  1. In 2022 in California, the eighth largest source of FDI [foreign direct investment] through foreign-owned enterprises (FOEs) is China. Chinese FOEs in California provided 19,262 jobs through 700 firms, amounting to $1.99 billion in wages. The top jobs by sector are manufacturing, education/health, professional and business services, wholesale trade, and retail trade (World Trade Center Los Angeles FDI Report [20]).” [39]
  2. California had to pass veiled legislation to intercede on the Chinese acquisition of U.S. farmland [control of the U.S. food supply] in the state [14]
  3. China’s heavy investment in California’s real estate market subjects it to the vulnerabilities and instabilities of China’s real estate market; China spending $6.1 billion in CA real estate in 2021 alone. [40] [41]
  4. China has leveraged collaboration, private equity, and finance to own, control, and manipulate important aspects of U.S. media and entertainment that manifest as Hollywood adhering to Chinese narratives and self-censoring to do it. [42] [43] [44]

We could continue doing this for a very long time.

China’s brand of Marxist communism is a blood-borne, pathogenic bioweapon that travels arteries, veins, and capillaries to propagate in the body until it is fully systemic, no place untouched, and reaching everywhere in every way.

The cooperation, collaboration, bilateral agreements, MOUs, etc., with China and the CCP, like the ones enacted by Governor Newsom and the State of California, are its circulatory system.

What do you think will happen once Gavin leaves the injection site and arrives at the heart of it all in D.C?

Gavin is a San Francisco old money kid who was groomed and indoctrinated for this and who has been in bed with China for a very long time.

Newsom’s unshakably Globalist biography, grooming, and indoctrination as an old-money kid even includes his position as a Young Leader at Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. [45]

No overthrow is complete without a strong Nazi presence, you see?

Do you think China will just unwrap its tentacles from Newsom once he’s installed into the Executive?

What about Schwab and the Nazis?


Micro: macro, folks.

See California today to see the U.S. in the near future under a Newsom regime, and in the middle of it all, see China.


The true old money of San Francisco hails from those like oil tycoon J. Paul Getty and the Big Four of Western Railroading: Leland Stanford [Stanford University], Charles Crocker, Collis P. Huntington, and Mark Hopkins.

The old money we’re talking about here is newer but old enough and with deep enough San Francisco roots for us to recognize its place and influence and to brand it “old money.”

The late California Senator Dianne Feinstein was San Francisco old money, also having served as the city’s mayor like Newsom.

She had a Chinese driver for decades.

Neither from San Francisco nor of any relative wealth whatsoever, but worthy of mentioning to demonstrate the reach of Chinese tentacles in California, just like Gavin Newsom had an affair with his best friend’s and then campaign manager’s wife, California Congressman Eric Swalwell maintained an affair with Chinese spy  [21]Christine Fang [21] better known as “Fang-Fang.”

At that time, Swalwell was a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, where Adam Schiff was Chairman and where Schiff ran the first impeachment of President Trump instead of Jerry Nadler’s and his Judiciary Committee, and where then-Speaker Pelosi was an ex officio member of HPSCI.

California is what lies between China, that trio, and the sensitive and top-secret information and intelligence of the U.S., not to mention how Schiff and Pelosi are in leadership positions as central nodes to outright treason.

China infiltrated California to infiltrate D.C. to more broadly infiltrate, impact, and shape the U.S.

Nancy and Paul Pelosi are the perfect exemplars of this newer brand of San Francisco old money, and where Newsom has a loose family tie to Nancy Pelosi through an aunt once married to Pelosi’s brother-in-law, Ron Pelosi.

I’ve heard the stories from boots on the ground at the time of how privileged San Francisco old money kids continued their post-graduate indoctrination into family affairs and the the whole rigged system by managing the real, true old money of San Francisco.

These old money kids can be born into it or born on the outside and swept into it; it doesn’t matter.

Consider a true account of an old money kid from this newer brand of old money being tasked to manage a single account of the actual, real old money, like the Getty account of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty.

The stories of factual recollections of 10 a.m. arrivals to “work” followed by 12 p.m. departures and only a single telephone call in between, and where that scenario plays out daily.

The stories of how, after the 12 p.m. clock-out, these old money kids customarily retreated to Balboa Cafe in San Francisco’s Bermuda Triangle district where blow was openly snorted off a dimly lit back table.

The stories I’ve heard and shared don’t specifically include Newsom or his name but rather other prominent names of San Francisco old money.

Rest assured, though, these are the San Francisco old money kids, and Gavin Newsom is one of them, perhaps the most important one who is standing to inherit the largest dumpster fire ever conceived by humanity.

The newer brand of San Francisco old money appears to be appointing an old money kid with a long and experienced indoctrination to run the entire global operation.

You can hear the San Francisco old money families now as they holler from the sides of the city’s historic hills, jubilantly screaming, “YOU DA’ MAN, GAVIN! GO GET ‘EM!”


Here is what Governor Newsom’s office believes you should know [emphasis added] [46]:

What Governor Newsom’s Trip to China Accomplished, Published: Oct 30, 2023

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Governor Newsom’s trip to China was about delivering real climate action and creating opportunities for future collaboration and cooperation.

Office of Governor Gavin Newsom

Does this mean “future collaboration and cooperation” from Gavin Newsom’s Administration in the White House, where “creating opportunities” with China equates to galvanizing the ongoing conversion of the U.S. to Marxist communism using “real climate action” and energy?


That’s exactly what it is, and you should know that.

Think of everything we’ve discussed with respect to this [emphasis added] [46]:

On this trip, California signed five Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) – with China’s National Development and Reform Commission, the provinces of Guangdong and Jiangsu, and the municipalities of Beijing, and Shanghai. These MOUs advance California and China’s work on climate policy and help set the stage [22] for national discussions and partnerships.

Office of Governor Gavin Newsom

Did you see that last part?

Micro: macro, folks.

Setting “the stage for national discussions and partnerships” is interesting, and who better to oversee it all than the closer who’s been warming up in the California bullpen for a very long time?

Can’t you see the mainstream media fawning all over Gavin and pointing to his long-established partnerships with China as a glowing example of why he should be the next president of the United States?

Do I see China giving him the nod and sending him to the mound?

It’s a strong possibility.

Whether Newsom makes his way to the Executive remains to be seen.

The argument for him emerging late to make his way to the Executive is, however, as strong as the argument for any other candidate, especially given what I’ve arduously outlined here.

Let’s hope Newsom never reaches the heart of it all and, better yet, that none of them do with Americans writ large finally uniting to rise as one, intercede, and take back the country.

If Newsom does make it into the Executive, it will be a perfect example of how China infiltrated California as the mechanism to more broadly infiltrate the U.S. while capturing a dangerously increasing amount of legitimate and actual control over this once proud Republic.

Gavin Newsom went globetrotting and gallivanting to Israel, Hong Kong, and China for good reason: he’s running for president and needed to inform world leaders that he’s the man.

You da’ man, Gavin. Go get ’em!


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