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‘Genocide Joe’ Biden Has His Hamas Problem Rattling The White House Gates [14 VIDEOS]

In a brazen display near the heart of America’s capitol, demonstrators championing pro-Hamas sentiments took to the streets of the once fine city.

Jason Jones dropped a timelapse video to show just how massive the march was:

“The enemy is quite literally at the gate, attempting to climb over it and impose their will on We the People.

We need strong leadership now more than ever but it’s nowhere to be found. Will the Biden administration even condemn them? Unlikely.

It is quite obvious that if we continue down this path, things are going to get very ugly and NO ONE is coming to save us.

This begs the question—are you prepared for what’s to come?” – Jason Jones [5]

RVM Network [6]‘s Sean Parnell [7] provided some insight to the situation with a keen observation of why Joe Biden is now calling for a ceasefire.

A large contingent of the pro-Palestinian activists took their protest to the gates of the White House, where it turned much more confrontational with participants voicing vehement opposition to U.S. support for Israel. They erupted into chants of ‘Genocide Joe,’ ‘Fuck Joe Biden,’ and ‘Allah Akbar.’ Check it out:

It is quite something to see radicals on the left using the same chant of ‘Fuck Joe Biden,’ that was championed by the right after a mainstream media reporter tried to claim that the NASCAR fans were chanting ‘Let’s Go Brandon,’ but I digress.

Anyways, the protest, which saw participants flood the thoroughfares of Washington D.C., was marked by chants and banners that denounced Israel as a “racist state” and declared it does not have the right to exist, promoting the slogan “Long live the Intifada.”

For those who don’t know what Intifada means, here’s the definition from the Cambridge Dictionary [19]:

They had earlier also been chanting another call for the complete eradication of Israel,  ‘From the river to the sea…’ earlier in the day.

“If you had any naïveté that Jews or Israels could negotiate with the revolutionaries in the red-green alliance of leftists and Islamists, I can tell you: no way. The Biden administration will have to surrender Israel and Jews to the Woke Army. That’s the only deal they will accept. There is no negotiation. There was not a single word for the Jews slaughtered by Hamas.

I know this after today: the Hamas terrorist murders did not result in shame; it stoked a blood lust among anti-Israel groups from the Socialists to the Islamists to destroy Israel. There is no middle ground with them.” – Asra Nomani [24]

I’ve covered the ‘From the river to the sea…’ chant and meaning before which you can see in the article I wrote just two days ago: Hamas Petition Goes Viral, Blows Up New Yorker’s Free Palestine Understanding [VIDEOS] [25], but to drive home the point that it is a call for the complete elimination even further, check out this video where Rashida Tlaib gets called out for using the phrase [26]:

Now that we’ve established that there is no question that these people are quite literally championing the genocide of an entire nation, lets take a look at some of the other questions that have arisen due to the ‘Free Palestine’ march in Washington D.C. yesterday.

RVM Network [6]‘s Mike Sperrazza [27] and Col. Rob Maness ret. [28] have a few questions about it for Adam Kinzinger, Adam Schiff, Liz Cheney and the FBI:

You’ll be able to tell just how differently the events of yesterday and the events of January 6th are covered by the mainstream Mockingbird media, and how the FBI also responds. Now, of course, I do recognize that the two are not the same, but they are similar. The questions are: ‘Will the media cover it proportionately or disproportionately?’ and Will the FBI go after the people who are calling for the genocide of the Jewish people? If you’ve been paying attention, you already know the answer.

As voices on both sides of the debate continue to amplify, this event in Washington serves as a reminder of the fervent international engagement with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The demonstration, set against the iconic scenery of America’s political heart, underscores the global nature of the issue and the passionate advocacy that it inspires.

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