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Hamas Petition Goes Viral, Blows Up New Yorker’s Free Palestine Understanding [VIDEOS]

In an eye-opening social experiment that recently went viral, a man took to the streets of New York City asking residents to sign a petition in support of Hamas. However, many of these individuals were left stunned and rapidly changed their stance when they were informed about the radical beliefs and policies associated with the organization.

The man, Mikey Greenblatt, calmly approached pedestrians with his petition, explaining that he was collecting signatures to support Hamas. Numerous individuals, without hesitation, reached for the clipboard, ready to endorse the cause. Yet, the experiment took an unexpected turn when the presenter began to read out loud some of Hamas’s core beliefs and stances:

As these details were shared, many signatories were visibly taken aback, expressing shock, dismay, and even regret over their earlier support. Several individuals quickly retracted their signatures.

This experiment, which was shared on various platforms, brought to light the lack of awareness or understanding many Americans have about global political organizations and their agendas. The easy willingness to support a cause without fully understanding its implications is a cause for concern, revealing a larger issue of uninformed activism.

The incident has sparked widespread discussion on social media, with many commentators emphasizing the importance of thorough research before aligning with or supporting any organization or movement. It serves as a poignant reminder that awareness and education are crucial in our complex political landscape, where perceptions can be misleading.

It is a timely wake-up call, prompting individuals to question, research, and understand the causes they choose to support instead of just believing what is being spoon-fed to them through the Mockingbird mainstream media.

Many people missed this recent statement from a Hamas leader, stating the they’ll continue terrorist attacks until Israel is annihilated:

Hamas and many of their ignorant supporters calls for ceasefire aren’t genuine, are genuinely underinformed, or worst of all, they know and agree that they should be genocided.

RVM Network [2]‘s Sean Parnell [3] nailed it in response to The Post Millennial’s post of Tim Pool speaking on not sheltering our kids from the realities of war…

People are quite literally calling for an end to genocide in Gaza by chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” and carrying signs that say the same.

Do they know what the phrase means? Check out this excerpt from the article “Why the “From the River to Sea” Chant Is Antisemitic” [8]that explains it…

Clearing Up Misinformation

In a time when thousands of people, including college students, are protesting for the Palestinians and chanting this phrase around the world, it’s critical to clarify its meaning. Some people may be well-intentioned and have no idea of its meaning, while others do know – and they are openly advocating for the expulsion and genocide of the Jewish people in Israel.

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” may sound like an empowering chant, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find that it means something much more nefarious than presented.

Drew Berquist [9] and Tom Cunningham [10] also weighed in on the viral video. Check it out:

“So you won’t be able to sign that? What a perfect picture though, of our country, our populace, particularly our youth, but it’s not just our youth. I wish it was so easy as to say this is all Gen Z’s fault. And the millennials fault, it’s not. First of all, as we talk about a lot on the show, most of that falls on us, you know, myself, Tom and generations above, ages above, because we created these monsters.” – Drew Berquist [9]

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