In a deeply disturbing incident on Thanksgiving, an extremist pro-Hamas group identified as Peoples City Council – Los Angeles targeted the home of Michael Tuchin, the President of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Masked activists from the group infiltrated the Brentwood residence, where they unleashed smoke grenades, poured fake blood on the property, and even tossed baby body bags onto the lawn.

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The shocking attack was aimed directly at a prominent Jewish leader, tarnishing the holiday spirit with a sickening display of vandalism and harassment. The perpetrators, who proudly shared their actions on social media, are affiliated with Peoples City Council – Los Angeles, an activism group known for its radical views.

Despite engaging in flagrant criminal behavior, these individuals are unlikely to face any consequences under the lenient approach of Soros-backed District Attorney George Gascon’s office. Openly defiant, the group posted on Twitter, calling it a “holiday wake-up call” and impudently targeting AIPAC for its support of pro-Israel policies.

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This disturbing incident follows in the wake of another shocking act by the same group – an attempt to disrupt the beloved Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in New York City. Encouraging pro-Hamas propaganda, the activists glued themselves to the streets, further highlighting their unapologetic support for a terrorist organization.

Upon the arrival of law enforcement officials at Tuchin’s residence, disturbing evidence of their appalling actions was discovered. A video from the scene captures the aftermath, revealing fake blood inundating the driveway along with the presence of baby body bags strewn across the property.

What is particularly disheartening is that these extremist activists failed to mention the heinous Hamas terror attack on Israel that occurred on October 7, resulting in the brutal murder of over 1,200 innocent individuals. Furthermore, more than 200 hostages remain in Gaza. It is noteworthy that despite Israel’s commitment to a ceasefire, scheduled to commence the following day, the terrorists have already shown a propensity for duplicity, raising doubts about the release of the fifty hostages.

The actions of Peoples City Council – Los Angeles are reprehensible and devoid of any rationality. Rather than rallying support for their cause, these disturbed individuals are more likely to provoke disgust among rational observers.

The attack on their home and the vile vandalism serves as a reminder of the importance of standing against all forms of extremism and violence.

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