In a significant political demonstration, thousands of pro-Hamas terrorist sympathizers marched near Joe Biden’s residence in Rehoboth, Delaware, chanting their ‘from the river to the sea…’ call for the complete eradication of Israel. The ‘protesters,’ who assembled on Saturday, accused Biden of perpetuating genocide in the ongoing war, demanding an immediate ceasefire. With Palestinian flags in hand, they chanted for an end to the Israeli violence against Hamas by calling for genocide against the Jewish people.

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During the “Delaware Palestine March,” demonstrators expressed their frustration with the U.S. government’s approach to the Gaza situation, where Hamas’ actions have resulted in severe consequences. The Biden regime, through National Security Council spokesman John Kirby, has stated that a ceasefire is currently not deemed appropriate, fearing it might give Hamas an opportunity to regroup. This policy stance, however, has led to internal disagreements within the Democratic Party, with figures like Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) not denouncing Hamas’ violent actions. Rashida Tlaib has even gone so far as to push Hamas propaganda, knowing leaving it posted on X since October 17, and also using the same genocidal chant of “From the river to the sea’ in a political ad.

Debunked Hamas propaganda Tweet still up on X with nearly 40M views:

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And screenshots of her calling for the eradication of Israel provided by RVM Network‘s Jason Robertson:

I covered this extensively about a week ago in a Premium article:

Hamas Caucus ‘Leader’ Tlaib Appears To Go All In On Calling For Eliminating Israel [VIDEOS]

Anyways, now back to Joe Biden and the Hamas genocide enthusiasts march on his vacation home in Delaware… It’s not as if the ‘protestors’ are only marching and chanting at him. They’re going at it all around the world. From New York to London…

RVM Network‘s Wayne Dupree, Col. Rob Maness ret., and Sean Parnell (All veterans) weigh in…

So that was New York City. Now on to London:

And it’s not just New York City and London. Berlin Germany, Paris France and Cape Town South Africa…

The entire Western world is falling and Sleepy Joe, the alleged leader of the free world has gone on vacation for nearly 40% of his presidency…

…and our border has been wide open…

…but don’t worry, the Biden Regime ‘says’ the border is closed and they would never lie to us, right?

Hamas Terror Attack’s Effect On Gun Purchases Of Traditionally Democrat Voters [VIDEOS]

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