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Lindsey Graham’s Shocking 180 | No More Aid To Ukraine Or Israel [VIDEOS]

Senator Lindsey Graham, known for his steadfast commitment to the Military Industrial Complex, has recently made headlines with a stance that has raised eyebrows across the political spectrum. What the RINO Senator stated would have been seen as a sane statement if it weren’t for all his past statements that pretty much said the exact opposite. The South Carolina Senator declared he would oppose any financial aid to Israel or Ukraine ‘until we first secure our own border.’

This represents a notable shift for Graham, who has been a staunch advocate for supporting Ukraine financially and has consistently expressed solidarity with Israel, especially following the Hamas attacks on October 7th. Only two days prior to his interview, Graham had reaffirmed his support for Israel with a resolute tweet.

However, he introduced a contrasting note by sharing a video clip on his social media, emphatically stating his refusal to approve financial aid to any nation, including Israel, until the U.S. border is adequately secured.

Meanwhile, Lindsey Graham’s pinned Tweet on X:

“We must stand with Israel in every way,”… two days later… “I will not vote for one dime for any country, including Israel until we first secure our own border.” And again, “We must stand with Israel in every way” is still his pinned Tweet at the time of this writing.

Our show hosts on the RVM Network [1] have regularly called out Lindsey’s warmongering…

Jason Robertson [2] nailed it with a satirical Tweet on October 16th:

Jason Bermas [5] called Lindsey out for wanting to escalate the Israel-Palestine war by bombing Iran on October 12th:

What I would do is I would bomb Iran’s oil infrastructure, the money financing Terrorism comes from Iran. It’s time for this terrorist state to pay a price for financing and supporting all this chaos. Yes, if you’re the Iranians, if we’re up to me, this war escalates. I’m coming after you.” – Lindsey Graham

“He wants escalation. Lindsey Graham has never seen a war he doesn’t like.” – Jason Bermas [5]

Drew Berquist [6] and Tom Cunningham [7] called Lindsey’s forever war propaganda on October 3rd:

“These people, Lindsey Graham is chief among them. Perpetuate this fearmongering: if we don’t do this, if we don’t forget everything that you’re dealing with, talking to you Americans, all of your personal problems, your community’s problems, your state’s problems, the federal government’s problems, our country’s sovereignty. If we don’t forget all of that and put Ukraine and their gay ass bitch little President Zelensky first, everything’s gonna go to shit. That’s the message that we continue to get. Like, no, it can’t, it doesn’t work that way. That’s not realistic.” – Drew Berquist [6]

“I keep saying this: they’re not going to be happy, people like Lady Graham and every single Democrat is not going to be happy until flag-draped coffins start coming back to the United States.” – Tom Cunningham [7]

Jason Bermas [5] and his guest, Steve Poikonen, [8] ripped Lindsey’s Ukraine-Taiwan comments for their insanity on October 2nd:

“What they want is total apathy. I think what they want is just apathetic compliance more than anything, and that’s why there’s, you know, confusing to soul rendering SIOP after sign up after sign up, you don’t even get to come up and catch a breath before you’ve got Mexican aliens getting $200 billion for a cokehead in Ukraine. That’s the reason we have to do that is because the future of Taiwan is at stake. Just ask Lindsey Graham. He said that on TV the other day, we can’t give up on Ukraine because Taiwan.” – Steve Poikonen [8]

“We’re in an inverted reality that if we’re not waging war or helping to wage war, somehow someone else is going to wage war on one of our interests we can’t let them wage war against.” – Jason Bermas [5]

I previously asked if Lindsey Graham was in on the Ukraine grift when Ukrainian officials were accused of embezzling $1.6 billion [9]on August 28th:


Wayne Dupree [10], Hutch Bailie Jr [11], and Jason Robertson [2] also chimed in with this back on July 3rd:

And it’s not just our RVM Network show hosts. Steve Bannon called out Lindsey Graham’s lies about nine months ago:

“He’s over there for a total blank check. And Ukraine has nothing to do with Taiwan, nothing.” – Steve Bannon

Lindsey’s shilling for Ukraine was so over the top that he even claimed that it was the best money we (The United States[American taxpayers]) ever spent:

Russia’s response to Lindsey’s ‘best money we’ve ever spent’ comments was to issue an arrest warrant. Watch:

After seeing all that, is it any wonder why he gets booed mercilessly in his home country:

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