In a bold affirmation of Second Amendment rights, Holton Township in Muskegon County, Michigan, has declared itself a Second Amendment Sanctuary, as reported by The Midwesterner. The Township Board of Trustees, demonstrating their commitment to the constitutional right to bear arms, passed a resolution on Tuesday evening that mirrors the principled stand taken by Livingston County last April. This resolution is a clear statement against the enforcement of red-flag laws, which are often viewed by conservatives as overreaching attempts to infringe on Americans’ constitutional rights to gun ownership​​.

Further reinforcing their dedication to the security and rights of their residents, the Board included an addendum to form a militia. This initiative, termed the Militia Public Security Act, invites legal residents of the township to voluntarily join this militia, provided they meet certain criteria. This move symbolizes a proactive approach to community safety and self-reliance, aligning with conservative values of personal responsibility and local governance​​.

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The militia formation comes with clear guidelines to ensure responsible participation. Prospective members must be over 18 and pass a federal firearms background check, demonstrating a responsible and lawful approach to gun ownership. Additionally, militia members are required to provide their own firearms, which must comply with federal, executive, county, and state regulations. This includes a variety of firearms and ammunition, as long as they have been deemed legal by federal standards since March 27, 2021. These stipulations underline a responsible exercise of Second Amendment rights, ensuring that members are law-abiding citizens equipped to contribute positively to the safety of the community​​​​.

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