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Mohave County’s Hand Count Ballot Plan Faces Legal Challenge from Democrat Arizona Attorney General

Democrat Attorney General Kris Mayes has issued a stern warning to the Mohave County Board of Supervisors ahead of their vote on whether to count the 2024 election ballots by hand. In a letter dated November 19, 2023, Mayes emphasized that a “yes” vote would breach state law, entailing serious legal ramifications.

Mayes expressed concern over the Board receiving “misguided legal counsel” from entities aiming to undermine the integrity of Arizona’s democratic process. She claimed the impracticality and illegality of full hand counts under Arizona law, stressing that such measures could cast doubt on valid election results and harm the democratic process.

Citing Arizona’s legal framework, Mayes stated that the state does not permit counties to unilaterally decide to hand count ballots and reminded the Supervisors that any such action would be a direct violation of the law. This is disputed by legal experts who are for the hand counts.

Pressure to eliminate voting machines has been mounting on supervisors across the state, with Republican state Sens. Sonny Borrelli and Wendy Rogers advocating for the change. However, no county has committed to hand-counting thus far.

Why is the Democrat machine so afraid of hand counting ballots? Afraid of what they may find?