In an exclusive report from Louder with Crowder has obtained three pages of the manifesto of the transgender Nashville school shooter, Audrey Hale. The document attributed to the perpetrator, a transgender individual, sheds light on potential motives behind the harrowing act that rattled the community.

Authorities have had this information for quite some time. While you’re looking at the disgusting thoughts of a mentally ill transgender murderer, ask yourself why they would keep this hidden from the public…

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Both Google and Facebook are trying to censor this information. Why would they want to hide this information?

To provide some more context to the events of that day, you can watch some of the videos previously released by authorities. First up is footage of Hale shooting her way into the school. Watch:

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Next up is bodycam footage of the moment Hale was taken down by the Metro Nashville Police. Watch:

Nashville Mass Shooting Cover Up Even Worse Than Leaked Manifesto Pages Revealed [VIDEOS]

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