In a disturbing incident that highlights the growing incidents of ‘hate speech,’ Stuart Seldowitz, a former aide to President Barack Obama, has been arrested for allegedly making anti-Islamic insults towards a food cart worker. The arrest took place in New York City and comes after social media videos surfaced showing Seldowitz berating a 24-year-old food cart vendor in the Upper East Side.

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Seldowitz, 64, who previously worked at the State Department and the National Security Council under the Obama administration, is now facing preliminary charges of aggravated harassment and multiple counts of stalking, as reported by various news outlets. Confirming his presence in the videos to CNN, Seldowitz has been accused of making derogatory remarks and anti-Muslim statements towards the vendor.

One video shows Seldowitz accusing the food cart worker of supporting the Hamas terrorist group and disparagingly referring to Muhammad as a criminal. These inflammatory remarks have sparked outrage and concern within the Muslim community and beyond.

The incident takes place amidst a backdrop of rising hate speech. FBI Director Christopher Wray recently informed Congress about the historic levels of antisemitism and the increase in incidents targeting the Jewish community since the Israel-Hamas war commenced. Similarly, advocacy groups have reported a spike in Islamophobic incidents across the United States.

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Jason Bermas weighed in on it just before the arrest made it out into the public sphere of conversation. Watch:

This isn’t the first incident of Seldowitz harassing people. The Grayzone uncovered this incident of him which is allegedly a microcosm of his year long harassment of female Russian diplomats. Watch:

Could this all just be a window into a much larger problem in the State Department? Chay Bowes dug up this image of Seldowitz with Madeline Albright:

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