The Republican National Committee (RNC), under Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, has faced a significant drop in donations, reaching an eight-year low, as reported by the Post. This decrease raises concerns about McDaniel’s effectiveness in aligning with the party’s grassroots supporters, especially against a Democrat-led administration.

As of late October, the RNC reported having just $9.1 million, starkly less than previous years and considerably lower than the Democratic National Committee’s $17.7 million. McDaniel’s explanations, attributing this to donors’ focus on individual candidates, seems overly simplistic given the broader context of the party’s recent performance.

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Criticism from within the party, such as that from GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, points to a dissatisfaction with McDaniel’s leadership, especially following losses in several key elections since 2018. The shift of grassroots donations towards Trump’s campaigns, instead of the RNC, further highlights the leadership’s inability to consolidate party support.

Despite the RNC’s defense of its fundraising compared to previous cycles, these arguments don’t fully address the apparent disconnect between the committee’s leadership and its base. The situation calls for a serious reevaluation of strategies and leadership within the RNC to regain its financial strength and party unity.

After all, what did we expect from Mitt Romney’s niece? McDaniel, who is often called McRomney, ignores grass roots hero Scott Presler every single day on X as he reaches out for help. Here’s the latest example:

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Keep in mind Presler has probably registered more voters in more states than anyone else in the entire party, and McDaniel continues to ignore him. Why? McDaniel is full uniparty. The only way out of this mess is to work within your local GOP and cut the cancer of the establishment out, from the inside.

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