What was once a laughable proposal to staunch skeptics has now become a reality. We are entering an age of limitless potential that is unbelievable to most and inconceivable to many while it is leading people to fearfully say that the future will be inescapably dystopian. Humanity is reaching an irreversible point of no return when it comes to technological advancement and the universe may or may not be the limit of what AI can do. Artificial Intelligence can not only drive cars, write screenplays, answer complex questions, create digital money, and paint digital murals; but it can now do something unimaginable: it can read your mind.

Behold, this is the dawning of the technological age of limitlessness. In a world where the laws of physics and mechanics are being blended into a new frontier of innovation, AI has become the newest staple in a chaotic society. Millions of businesses and public utilities now use AI technology to help them in their daily lives and most people don’t even know it. Sadly, many Americans refuse to understand Artificial Intelligence, let alone come to grips with what it can do.

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Even though some people are unwilling to accept the truth, nobody refutes the claims made by computer scientists, Big Tech moguls, and AI developing technicians.  Elon Musk’s Neuralink is very real and is conducting human trials as I write these words. According to Neuralink.com, the first clinical trials are open to recruitment as the website proclaims that, “brain-computer interfaces have the potential to change lives for the better,” and “it wants to bring this technology from the lab into peoples’ homes.”

In other sectors of the AI economy, a French company called Wisear is developing ear buds that have “neural sensing” capabilities. This 2023 startup will give new meaning to the term “hands free” as just a simple facial movement activates a signal to complete a multitude of tasks. Anything from answering calls or playing music with thoughts and movements could give a disabled person the chance at a somewhat normal life. Or, on the flip side, this technology could be used as the thought police that constantly patrols and invades your mind and body.

The technology that AI uses to physically read these thoughts is based on the electro-magnetic signals that are constantly being fired off in the brain. Whether you realize it or not your brain is a radio station/power plant that is continuously operating even when you’re asleep. And for decades scientists have been able to interpret what is going on inside of the brain based off of reading these electromagnetic signals and attempting to decipher what they mean to a person’s health, well-being, and physiology.

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The electromagnetic technology that picks up on these signals and electro-magnetic is called Magneto-encephalography. By using a non-invasive brain computer interface (a big hat with electrodes) Artificial Intelligence can now pull images out of someone’s brain and then try to match the images with an online database in Milo-seconds. The mind-reading technology uses encoders and decoders to decipher the brainwaves which then work as a thought adapter to an AI computer which then mimics the thoughts.

The testing for this technology is remarkable. Even though the images that are pulled out of peoples’ brains are not perfect, they resemble the image that the human eye/brain is looking at down to the color. Pictures of Zebras are viewed by human test subjects while in real time the AI successfully attempts to encode the data and produce an image based off of other images which it can contort willingly I.E. color changes and shape changes.

Scientists have found something astounding during their research with this is new AI technology. They found that during the experiments Artificial Intelligence began to learn the intricacies of the human brain by matching the neural pathways that the brain creates naturally. In other words, AI was trying to think like a person by mimicking how the brain operates. This shows the Frankenstein reality that AI is already teaching itself how to become human.

This raises the possibility that Artificial Intelligence could replace average people in the future. Artificial Intelligence at best will integrate with humanity and create a machine-man hybrid where every thought and movement is controlled and monitored. AI could one day decide that humanity is a nuisance and needs to be eradicated all together, or it could destroy humanity on happenstance as nobody will want to be completely human.

In the distant future human beings could be integrated with AI from birth, and maybe even given birth by AI in artificial wombs. This concept is something that was on full display not too long ago and is almost like something from a Hollywood thriller. (The Matrix) Idealistic posts were created by dystopian dreamers on Twitter months ago while outlets like the economist asked the question: are artificial wombs the future?

Ideas like these are being sold as a way to save and improve lives; meanwhile, the tyrants in this emerging dystopia are licking their lips at the ability to enslave humanity using Artificial Intelligence. Being cynical is not enough when you see who is ultimately running the show when it comes to technological innovation.

Recently Larry Summers has taken over OpenAI the company that created and operates ChatGPT. Sam Altman was recently fired and re-hired as the CEO of OpenAI and replaced with some of the worst people in business. Larry Summers, the guy who was responsible for the 2008 crash, as well as one of the founders of Facebook, Adam D’Angelo, and the former chairman of Twitter Bret Taylor have now joined the board of OpenAI.

OpenAI is supposed to be a non-profit organization that cares about ethics and standards in a field that has none, yet they are proving to do the opposite. Ironically, the industry that needs to be regulated the most can’t get anyone trustworthy and honest enough to make sure AI will never destroy humanity. The same reason that bazookas aren’t sold at Wal-Mart is the same reason why OpenAI should remain a non-profit and unfortunately we now have the greediest slimiest businessman in a position of utmost responsibility.

People who only care about money never make good leaders, and now all of our futures are in the hands of wolves on Wall Street that only care about making new customers. Everything cannot be about money, and when there are no good men left to uphold true altruism, then society ultimately suffers from the behavior of bad men.

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that only geniuses can understand, yet it holds the potential to either enslave or eradicate humanity. Whether you understand it or not does not really matter, even a cheesy Hollywood idea of AI is good enough for someone’s comprehension. Unfortunately the clock is running out and the killer robots are growing weary, the emerging threat of AI is serious and people need to pay attention before it is too late. If nothing is done to regulate AI, and it is allowed to become too powerful, we will all suffer the consequences of a dystopia that not even Hollywood writers could envision. Or, in a Terminator-fashion, it could just be the end of all humankind.

This article is a writer submission from Nick Anonymous.

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