A true Nazi lives and breathes the regime. It drives every aspect of life.” Some believe that the Nazis lost World War II and fell from the relevance of world history, while more astute folks understand that the best [read that as the worst] of the Nazis weren’t defeated but rather extended an invitation to relocate and set up shop in America. That occurred post-war via the Intelligence Community’s project tabbed ‘Operation Paperclip.’ The rest is a slow boil to the present.

Study the picture below very closely because Hitler’s crib-to-grave Nazi indoctrination process that leveraged complete control over the German people is the same “Nazifying” process that was applied to America, where the primary interface with the population is the cell phone.

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Americans have been conditioned to become permanently dialed into their cellular devices in varying degrees of regularity to “live and breathe the regime” as “it drives every aspect of life.”

These slaves above can’t even cross the street without “living and breathing the regime” as their phones “drive every aspect of life.”

Over the weekend, I caught a documentary on the Nazification of Germany, which is the basis for this piece. It compelled me to write the article as I watched, pausing it along the way, largely because it’s an existing topic of analysis that many won’t consider, much less accept.

They will once they finish reading this, or at least they ought to, but then again, it’s sheeple like that who have us in this predicament in the first place.

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Independent and critical thinking are rare commodities these days, and when they are possessed and used, finding enough people with enough gumption and grit to act on them is even rarer.

You see, blind slaves make the best slaves of all…

…but witting, acquiescent ones will suffice, however.

In an analogous fashion, the documentary immediately became a clear lens through which to examine the Nazification of America and to show people with specific examples how this occurred right under our own noses, just like it did to an unwitting German population in the 1930s.

With an ounce of reason, a modicum of common sense, and a pound of objectivity, everyone from the layman to the expert can take in the documentary to easily draw immediate, clear, and reliable parallels to evidence similar to identical examples of the Nazification of America today.

*Locate access to watch AHC’s Hitler’s Empire: The Post-War Plan Nazification: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9174966/


The cell phone has become a modern-day American Nazi regime’s digital umbilical cord to a population of technocratic slaves living in servitude to slave masters producing and controlling every aspect of their reality; and attacking, censoring, and eliminating all truth to do it.

“Obamaphones” were free to help the “community organizer” recruit his foot soldiers while in many instances, scores from Biden’s over 10 million illegal immigrants already here were handed one [and a fist full of cash and a ride] once they crossed into the country; likely for the purpose of future “community organizing.”

Of all the cellular and device-based dynamics ripping at the very fabric of a once robust American culture and society, there is one that is my unrivaled favorite, and I can’t avoid staring at it like I’m driving by the accident scene of a derailed train.

It’s the one date, two phones scenario:

Is there a more perfect example than this to exemplify “living and breathing the regime” as phones “drive every aspect of life”?

Moreover, there are few things more loathsome and dangerous to the posterity of America than the phone-wielding beta male.

Before examining the process of Nazification more closely, understand that Hitler and the Nazi regime sought to penetrate and control every sphere within the private lives of the German people.

America got so good at this that the regime managed to become the third wheel in about half of all relationships.

With limited personnel, the Nazi system of enforcement was heavily dependent upon coercing the German people to inform the government of the nature, actions, and interactions of their neighbors, friends, and others, which breeds suspicion, fear, and paranoia, which impacted decisions and actions.

That dynamic repeats itself within the context of the cellular phone in America today to the extent that even though a majority of Americans do not believe in spying within their partner’s cellular device, a substantial percentage still do so anyway.

It’s because suspicion, fear, and paranoia impact decisions and actions, and there is no better way to sow suspicion, fear, and paranoia than via the hard wire to the brain, ergo the cell phone, ergo the umbilical cord.

Through the umbilical cord, the regime constantly feeds us directly or by proxy through private interfaces it oversees, regulates, finances, or controls while we regurgitate back our thoughts, feelings, and every detail about our private lives into the social media universe.

The phone is an umbilical cord, indeed.

*Source: Pew Research

People secure in themselves, their partners, and their relationships need not surveil their partners’ private communications, but people living out of suspicion, fear, or paranoia do.

Like an umbilical cord, the cell phone has become the lifeline to “living and breathing the regime,” and where you find the regime, you find sown suspicion, fear, and paranoia.


In 1933 and after coming into power, Hitler and the Nazis set out to implement a system of ubiquitous totalitarian control by “Nazifying” all aspects of the state and society.

This included the Nazis’ designs to purify the master race, facilitated in part by a forced transition into a homogeneous society via extermination and other atrocities.

Hitler’s system of tyranny that forced the German people into “living and breathing the regime” to make it “drive every aspect of life” came with one primary objective: total control of the people.

In order to accomplish his primary objective, Hitler subjected Germany to the process of “Nazification.”

In America, we see the same process of Nazification but in application to deliver opposite objectives as dictated by the geopolitics of two different nations in two different eras.

Think of Nazification, which is a politically constructed process, as being analogous to a tool.

Your typical claw hammer can be used to drive and pound a nail, while it can also pry and pull one out.

One hammer does two jobs that are opposite of one another.

This is the exact logic behind examining the Nazification of Germany to understand the Nazification of America.

Although the objectives were different according to the geopolitics, the same Nazifying tool was used to achieve them.

Therefore, the application of the process can sometimes look somewhat different than it did in Nazi Germany, but realistically, those distinctions are often negligible to nonexistent.

The Nazification of Germany was a force of racial unity and purity to galvanize a population behind established power and authority already held by Hitler and the Nazi party.

The Nazification of America is a force of racial division and sown disunity to fracture a people and ripen them for an overthrow and conversion to Marxist communism.

It’s the same Nazification hammer, but where the German nail is hammered, and the American nail is pried.

The Nazification of America is tantamount to overrunning a sovereign nation and its people to dilute its population and culture while eliminating its history on the way to bankruptcy.

This is being done in order to remake it into a Third World banana republic sans any recognizable people, culture, history, or civility.

It is those circumstances that make a population subject to total control.

We see specific examples of this in America with the application of the Cloward-Piven strategy, which includes the components of open borders and exponential levels of illegal immigration to overrun the nation and its resources to bankruptcy and where preferential treatment and benefits are given to those illegal immigrants over actual American citizens; especially U.S. veterans.

Whereas Hitler’s purification plan included eliminating Jews and other races deemed inferior, the Nazification of America is designed around the opposite in flooding the country with Third World illegal immigrants who largely do not share our traditional American beliefs, values, and customs.

That’s just the way the slave master Globalists like it.

A paralleling concern for open borders is found in its capacity to serve as a Trojan Horse importing a Fifth Column to assume a lie-in-wait posture for a future time, and perhaps to do some “community organizing.”

Where Hitler sought to increase the population of the master race, the Nazification of America envelops the thoroughly evidenced position that one major pillar of the COVID-19 “pandemic” of enterprise fraud was to engage in biowarfare and population reduction.

Like Hitler, the Nazification of America includes targeting deemed undesirables for things like two-tiered justice, prosecution, and elimination; the latter dragging into the dialogue the distribution of known lot numbers for COVID-19 mRNA “vaccines” plagued with dangerous to deadly side effects and whether they were disproportionately shipped to Red, conservative and MAGA states and locations.

Hitler recognized that if you condition people from very early on, from the crib, then you have control of them for life, and the public education system was a central node in this.

As Nazification was unpacked on Germany, the Nazis extended this philosophy to breeding programs that were underpinned by Eugenics, which originated in the U.S.

Hitler’s master plan was to purify the master race, and Eugenics was at its core to the extent that Hitler even gave verbal credit to its American origins.

In the home of Eugenics today, we have things like Planned Parenthood and legalized abortion, where in some states, it’s become legal up to birth.

Not by coincidence, we find these Planned Parenthood and similar facilities disproportionately located in neighborhoods occupied mostly by blacks and minorities and where things are aggravated by a pervasive and systematic attack on the nuclear family fueled by unmitigated violent and drug crime.

Also, not by coincidence, in these minority neighborhoods, we find find liquor stores, pawn shops, and “cash now” places as the other three corners to the Planned Parenthood building.

Under the Nazis, organizations and businesses that were off-reservation were controlled, suppressed, and eliminated, including political parties, trade unions, the church, etc.

In America, we saw these exact scenarios unfold in the events of the “pandemic” of enterprise fraud that was leveraged to steal the 2020 [s]election and give rise to the current regime, and where that regime is working to eliminate its political opposition in Trump, MAGA, et al.

The “pandemic” and the 2020 “election” were both diagnostic instruments to determine on- and off-reservation individuals, groups, entities, and businesses.

On-reservation big box stores were magically granted immunity from COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 transmission and infection, and so they were permitted to stay open in Nazi America while small and independent businesses were determined to be off-reservation, targeted, and then forced to shut down; many never reopening.

Membership in Hitler’s Nazi party was made compulsory, and public education was brought under direct control in relation to Hitler’s crib-to-grave approach with the objective of stamping out propagandized and indoctrinated youth designed to precisely plug into the totalitarian system.

In Nazi America, the compulsory membership to the proxy Chinese Administration in Joe Biden’s Democratic Party is enforced by the attacks and marginalization of those off-reservation, and this will continue until there are none left or someone stops these people.

The formula of acquiesce or be destroyed qualifies as compulsory.

Oddly enough, it’s a fraudulent and tyrannical one-party system posing as a traditionally American two-party system that is hoodwinking Americans into “change” that results in the same old Nazification.

The Nazis endeavored to strictly control leisure time while setting vectors to penetrate aspects like theater, art, music, literature, fashion, and more.

In Nazified America, we can say the same about theater, art, music, literature, fashion, entertainment, and more, especially in the digital age.

The approach garnered Hitler’s adoration from a wide swath of German women, and America has a tyrant just like him in that way and many others: Barack Obama.


How did Hitler reach the women of Germany to galvanize support and power?

By promising jobs and recovery from engineered economic depression and where the depression was a constant, substantial, and burdensome weight on German women.

America is no different further leveraging women by making abortion and women’s rights central features of the political dialogue and propagandized narrative, remembering that both pro and con positions are excellent motivators to cause action, inaction, or reaction.

Hitler’s idiosyncratic ways made him widely popular among the people despite his authoritarian totalitarianism, and this was especially so with women.

Accepting that Joe Biden’s first term was Barack Obama’s third and arguably his fourth, the same idiosyncrasy that benefited Hitler benefits Obama.

By the Intelligence Community’s design, Obama’s idiosyncratic nature is fortified by his “first black” status and wide popularity, permitting Obama to pave the way to the totalitarian present and where he never stopped doing that work.

Hitler’s wide popularity among women was offset by a marked lesser degree with men.

Obama, too, was widely popular among women, with a notable gap to men.

For that era, the run-up to Hitler’s full brand of totalitarianism featured a progressive liberal German government that permitted women to enjoy a wide array of rights.

Sound familiar?

In 1937, Hitler and Head of the SS Heinrich Himmler ordered the creation of the S.S. Bride School to mold women into model Nazi wives and breeders that prioritize husband, family, children, and home – in that order.

Once transformed into a good Nazi wife, good Nazi children were produced, with this cycle intended to repeat for generations.

In America, the objective is the opposite.

To accomplish the opposite objective in America and beyond abortion, a corrupt and criminal federal apparatus normally exports the things it is precluded from doing by the Constitution to the private sector.

In America, women have been pushed to careers in the private [and public] sector following their initial indoctrination via the public education system.

So, while females were being “educated” alongside their counterpart males, who were no better off, they were made to prioritize career, profession, job, and then family in that order.

German women adored Hitler because he promoted traditional gender roles that were reinforced by policy decisions to mitigate the impact of an engineered economic depression, and thus, he improved their lives.

American women adore Obama because he defends and promotes policies on pay, domestic violence, “healthcare” and abortion rights [and more]. At the same time, he undercuts the traditional American nuclear family by advocating to send women to the workforce, permitting the State [public education] to become the default nanny, and thus, he improved their lives.

The man himself tells you all about it right here: President Obama’s Record on Empowering Women and Girls.

You can’t expect to hijack a nation by excluding the ladies, and the American Nazis know this just as well as the German Nazis did.

And for it, the women adored Hitler and Obama both.


The notion of one hammer, two jobs, and opposite objectives requires a closer examination of how Nazification then was for breeding purposes to purify a master race as compounded by the extermination of deemed undesirables [Jews, Pols, Slavs, etc.].

That scenario is dependent upon women, just like the scenario in America is.

With the opposite objective in place to overrun the American population and dilute it with Third World immigrants, Nazification looks different.

Where a similarity is found between Nazi America and Nazi Germany within America’s abortion rights and where those numbers disproportionately target blacks and minorities.


Of course, sown division and disunity is the hallmark of proper Nazification, and so American Nazis can leverage the racial division it has labored so hard to manufacture as the cover-up for what it’s really doing, which is targeting deemed undesirables: “Lack of access to health insurance and health care plays a role, as do racism and discrimination. “

It appears that short memories, poor education, and no competent skill set in logical deduction have caused folks to miss the facts indicating the truth.

The truth is that the same people do all of the following: 1-control and set forth healthcare laws [Obamacare], 2-control the geographic areas comprised of large urban locales where abortion rates and minority populations are both the highest, 3-control and set forth abortion laws, 4-run and oversee the locales and interfaces where disparities and racial discrimination are the worst, 5-support and fund Planned Parenthood, 6-were the party of slavery and the KKK, 7-maintained plantations and slaves, 8-opposed civil rights legislation, 9-lynched blacks and 10-became the political party most leveraged by the Intelligence Community during America’s Nazification.

In a word: Democrats.

Not to worry because, during 9/11 and the draconian policies borne out of it, the I.C. leveraged the Republican Party.

That’s how the shell game is played.

Notably and logically, this occurs in this way, at this time, for a reason.

The reason is in part that the Nazi platform had a socialist pillar to it, and the only fit for one in the American system is inside the Democratic Party, where China rides shotgun and the “progressives” have conducted the long, slow boil to render America to socialist policies comporting with Nazification.

These are the same Democrats that drive the open borders policies resulting in the dilution of what is essentially the white U.S. population, and no matter how inconvenient the historical fact set is, that is who served as the basis to found and build a nation for We the People.

You can’t hijack a nation without finding a way to establish total control over the majority of the population, and there eventually is no majority but rather a potpourri people with no common threads, all the better.

That’s an ideal slave population.

Doctrine underpins all of this, and just like China’s overthrow of America is doctrinal, so was Hitler’s approach to race purification, and so is America’s approach to depopulation through bioweapon “vaccines” and abortion.

For Hitler and the Nazis, Himmler’s doctrinal state agency Liebensborn [The Well of Life or The Fountain of Life] was created to accelerate the purification and expansion of the master race.

In the U.S., the OneHealth doctrine is found in every U.S. county health office, which bears down directly on abortion and reproductive rights; at the same time, it entails population reduction and mechanisms for control and enslavement.

If that’s not enough, don’t forget that the father of the king of bioweapon “vaccines,” Bill Gates, was once the head of Planned Parenthood, and all of that is rooted in Eugenics, which is at the core of Nazification.

We call that one neat, tidy little package.

[Go deeper with colleague, friend, and teammate Brian O’Shea’s analysis on OneHealth found in this article: If It Sounds Crazy, It Might Be: The Unvarnished Truth About the End Game of One Health.]

Ultimately, Himmler’s program produced around 20,000 babies to augment the population of the master race.

To the opposite extent, how many American children have been lost due to coerced or forced genetic experimentation improperly branded as a COVID-19 “vaccine,” and how many others from future generations will be lost to the widespread, dangerous, and deadly effects that these injections have; especially on fertility?

To promote its master race, Hitler and the Nazis held a contest to determine the perfect exemplar for a child to represent the entire race in a single image.

Ironically and fully indicative of the massive propaganda machine of Joseph Goebbels, the winner of Hitler’s contest was a girl named Hessy Taft, and she was Jewish.

Nazifying America for racial dilution is the opposite approach and requires the opposite imagery, and so we have the trans agenda where the propagandized imagery is of children who don’t know what they are and nobody looks or is the same hardly at all.

Hessy Taft was Jewish to the same end that blonde-haired, blue-eyed kids were marched to the gas chambers in Nazi Germany, thus exemplifying the obscenely propagandized nature of psychological warfare, more accurately termed perception management.

The propaganda machine of Joesph Goebbels was not included in this installment of the documentary; however, no discussion of Nazification is complete without it.

A primary target of that propaganda is always the children, and the propaganda machine in America would make Goebbels blush with envy.

Like the Nazis of Germany, or American Nazis also target the children, and that centers on public education.


Nazi indoctrination begins at the moment of birth, but like America, it’s the public education system that matters most; and in America, it is ground zero for the trans agenda.

To guarantee the future of the master race, the Nazis penetrated, overtook, and controlled the publication education system coming to exploit every apparatus and interface within it to stamp out good Nazi products.

Public education in America today is no different – I spent over 20 years in that field.

German students under the Nazi regime began their day singing an anthem to the Fuher with arms extended while American students symbolically made their pledge to a representative flag with hands on hearts.

This similarity exists indeed, and it has a place in this dialogue, but the similarity is attributed to traditional America and the Nazi Party being underpinned by nationalism and populism.

This is important to clarify so as not to detract from our national anthem, during which I always stand, remove the cover, and place my hand over my heart.

The dogmatic approach to using public education for indoctrination is the same for America as it was for the Nazis.

The Nazis had further aspirations to do the same at the family level by penetrating every aspect of the private sphere, and so they did.

The superiority of Nordic and German peoples was dogmatically taught beginning at birth and driven home through Nazi education, so one must ask if it’s any different than the “American exceptionalism” that has been cited in the commission of myriad atrocities committed by these tyrants?

For clarity, I believe in American exceptionalism but not as a function or justification for evil committed by the forces that hijacked it.

One must ask if, to the opposite extent whether, “diversity” and “inclusion” are actually the tools of cultural Marxism to sow division and disunity and the tools of Nazification to facilitate and indoctrinate American youth to ongoing racial dilution, rather than something beneficial to us?

Didn’t the Civil Rights Movement begin this process, and would the late Dr. King ascribe to any of this?

Yes and never, respectively.

In other words, they’re brainwashing kids to be slaves and bullying the ones who don’t want to.

The Nazis embraced Eugenics to teach targeting along bloodlines, such as with being Jewish, a Pol, a Slav, or disabled.

In Nazi schools“the norm is physical education. After that, German, biology, science, mathematics, and history are for the boysEugenics and home economics for the girls.”

Note how the Nazis compartmentalized the doctrine of Eugenics and racial purification, breeding, and reproduction with women to serve the Nazification of Germany.

Note how the Nazis in America compartmentalized reproductive rights and abortion with women to serve the Nazification of America.

In Nazi Germany, that all began at birth and was followed up by children’s books that were co-opted to drive the propagated regime narrative.

Nazification then continued in public schools where children’s books were a part of the education process.

In America and to the opposite extent, our school libraries continue to sow division and disunity, offering plenty of “trans agenda” propaganda and materials where many children’s books qualify as propaganda to divide and separate, and in plenty of other instances, as pornography.

Like the Nazification of Germany, the Nazification of America undermines parental rights in education while it exploits every apparatus and interface of the system to stamp out good little Nazis in servitude to the regime.


Totalitarian societies keep the people absolutely fixed on the state message at every moment of the day, and the Nazis exceeded at this.

So do the Americans, and exceedingly so.

Americans have their CIA-controlled and MSM-propagated narrative, CIA-influenced Hollywood, and their umbilical cellular devices for feeding and regurgitation.

Through those means, social media, and other means, Americans writ large have fallen victim to the same hijacking of science where under the guise of science, atrocities are committed lust like they were in Nazi Germany.

In America today, gender and sexuality, sexual reassignment surgeries on minors, “climate change,” and coercion to receive mRNA injections all qualify as examples of the establishment’s narrative being driven under the auspices of what is actually fraudulent “science.”

Under the cover of “science” in Germany, the Nazis began programs of forced sterilization to exterminate and end the bloodlines of undesirable populations.

Under the cover of “science” in America, the Nazis convinced 80% of Americans to inject themselves with a dangerous and deadly bioweapon that sterilizes and impacts fertility on an undesired population.

Under the cover of “science” in America, Nazis put a Planned Parenthood on about every corner of black and minority neighborhoods and then blamed it on their other “science” called “systemic racism” to target undesirable populations.

Hitler was Nazifying Germany to unite its people behind power that had already been acquired.

America is being Nazified to divide and conquer its people in its conversion to Marxist communism to serve as the enforcement mechanism for power recently stolen and acquired, and where this would be an impossibility with a unified American people.

In America, “science” is being used to penetrate every sphere of private life, beginning with public education, just like in Nazi Germany.

In America, say goodbye to gas-powered everything and carbon footprint nothing in a carbon-based world and to it in the name of “science.”

In America, saying goodbye begins with saying hello to the “trans” agenda, and where you find that, you’ll find fashion and design.

Where you find fashion and design, you’ll find the women.

Where you find the women, you find the regime – just ask Obama and Hitler.

The Nazis thought of everything.


Another area Hitler focused on was fashion, design, and style.

For the common people under the Nazi regime, fashion was driven to a conformist, dull, plain and muted style.

In America, men are being feminized and converted to beta males as a ripening mechanism for overthrow. At the same time, the Second Amendment is being ripped away for those immune to this programmable insanity, leaving no remedy at all.

This causes the fashion, design, and style of the day in America, and especially that directed at children and young people, to adhere to the primary propaganda driver, which is the “trans” agenda.

Or, if it’s not “trans,” it seems to be “Obey,” and there’s nothing a good Nazi appreciates more than strict obedience from his subjects.

By the way, “Obey” how?

“Obey” whom?

All you have to do is go to Walmart, Target, or any other on-reservation, big box store and start looking for evidence of the trans agenda – it’s ubiquitous now.

Or attend a local school board meeting.

Or go to a local school library.

The agenda is clear, and the fashion and design reflect it.

The Nazification process in Germany included pushing gender roles, but for Hitler, the geopolitical objectives were different and, so modest styles and traditional gender roles were propagated and then reflected in fashion and design.

Nazi Germany and the two-tiered approach was no different than America today.

Just like the American elite do, the Nazi elite was “preaching water and drinking wine” by letting not their own rules apply to them as they continued wearing their preferred styles and designs from around the world, often manufactured by the same Jews they were exterminating.


Pause for a moment to consider how the Nazis ran the Jews out of the fashion industry altogether and scheduled and commenced their mass execution; however, one place the Jews continued to flourish in fashion was inside the walls of Auschwitz.

The Nazi officers’ wives’ just had to have their preferred designs along with all of the niceties regular Germans could not.


The Nazi’s enforcement mechanism in all spheres of life became the Gestapo as a division of the German SS police force, and it worked to “keep tabs” on the political dissent and political opposition in the general population.

In America, we have the FBI.

It’s an FBI that serves the Intelligence Community, the establishment, and therefore the Biden regime.

Violators in Nazi Germany were arrested and could be held indefinitely without trial, just like the entrapped January 6th political prisoners sitting in an American gulag.

The Nazis in Germany set fire to the Reichstag to suspend civil rights enshrined in the German Constitution; just Nazis in America entrapped innocent civilians in the U.S. Capitol to hold them indefinitely without trial in violation of their civil rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

The Capitol political prisoners are mistreated, abused, and tortured in horrid conditions just like the Gestapo did with its prisoners, and the more public, the better.

The Nazis leveraged the public-private interface to develop assets within an enforcement mechanism just like the FBI conspired with social media companies and others to target the regime’s political enemies and just like it flooded the U.S. Capitol with its federal assets on January 6th.

To lead a pack of dogs into entrapment, you need a dog whistle, and that’s what the federal assets were on that day – “Follow me!”

Like America’s FBI, the Gestapo of Nazi Germany operated above the law and with impunity while wielding two-tiered justice to serve the regime’s political objectives.

With often fewer than 50 agents in most towns and cities, the Gestapo relied heavily on a coerced population to inform on and be an enforcement mechanism against their neighbors, friends, and others.

In America, you met these folks during the “pandemic” when the Karens came out of the woodwork to demand mask compliance and vaccine card presentation.

The Gestapo loves Karens, and so does the FBI, and nothing motivates a Karen better than suspicion, fear, and paranoia.


Suspicion, fear, and paranoia are essential components to Nazification, which is why they were sewn into the fabric of Nazi Germany just like they are in America today.

Middle Eastern terrorists, viruses, climate change, food shortages, school shootings, mass shootings, domestic terrorists, you name it.

In America today, there is no shortage of things to suspect, fear, or make you feel paranoid, and there’s a constant flow of it through your umbilical cord.

In Nazi Germany, the “organizing principle” for suspicion, fear, and paranoia was the concept of “denunciation” or serving as obedient informants.

In children’s terms, we call that tattling on one another, and good Nazi parents love a good tattletale.

In America, we grow our tattletales with “See something, say something” campaigns.

In 1934, the Nazis established the term “homeland” as a component to the Nazi platform so that Germany could be the “homeland” for Germans [Nazis] all over the world.

In America today, you can contact the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to report any suspicious activity from your neighbors, friends, or others.

The Gestapo functioned to surveil and control the entire population as the Nazi security apparatus, just like the FBI does in America alongside its sister agencies, and without them, neither the Nazi nor current U.S. regimes are sustainable.

Acquiescence to tyranny is the only thing that sustains it.

It’s no different than the kid who steals your lunch money every day until you grow a set and physically demote him from bully status with severe prejudice and extreme enthusiasm.

Suspicion, fear, and paranoia are incredibly powerful forces.

Just ask Karen.

Where the Nazis utilized concentration camps for their prisoners, the U.S. used your own home, scaring you into it with a virus that wouldn’t kill you and fraudulent data that will.

Karen and your umbilical cord made sure of that.


To effectively Nazify his empire, Hitler produced a generation of young Nazi leaders by establishing elite post-secondary education and discipline specialties found in four order castles; only three being built: 1-racial philosophy, geopolitics and sport, 2-administrative and military tasks and diplomacy, 3-development of character and 4-not built.

Recruited mostly from lower classes because it makes for easier indoctrination, the selected were chosen as the Nazi’s future leadership.

In America, we choose ours, too, but they are chosen from the elite’s offspring, and they are sent to the elite’s preferred academies, institutions, and universities that are also preferred by the establishment.

The Nazi’s regional post-war plans included expansion into additional living space represented by captured territories and sources of food represented by agricultural lands.

Be reminded that at the time that the Nazis were seeking to expand to conquered lands, and specifically following World War II, the U.S. engaged in Operation Paperclip to invite the Nazi party’s best and most valuable scientists, doctors, etc., into the U.S.

Into the American hen house, the Nazi foxes trotted.

The Nazis sought to exterminate the Jews and convert Slavs, Pols, and the Russians [and others] to slaves.

Today, the American establishment continues its decades-long encroachment on the same Russia, making her its favorite boogeyman in the further commission of atrocities.

The evidence is found in the Western Empire and its NATO tip of the spear; and in the Ukrainian Azov Battalion, which is Nazi through and through and which makes Ukraine a “homeland” for Nazis all over the world as much as it’s the hub for global money laundering operations and other international crimes that envelop the current class of Americans; especially proxy Joe Biden.

The Nazi’s plan to enslave foreign people inside their own borders was placed on a 30-year timeline, and in America, the most studied plans to bring America to her knees and enslave its people are 30-year plans from the Chinese and the Muslims.

In its expanding empire, the Nazis circumvented a shortage of effective leadership by capturing the leadership of other nations and “Germanizing” them to do their bidding for them.

Now, pause to revisit Operation Paperclip.

The rest is basic math, and once the Nazification equation is solved, we get permanent technocratic enslavement enforced by Marxist communism and soaking in suspicion, fear, and paranoia.


The Nazification of Germany was so effective that extraordinary numbers of regular Germans were complicit in horrifying crimes while many continued to commit further atrocities even in the jaws of defeat.

The Nazification of America was so effective that extraordinary numbers of regular Americans were complicit in horrifying crimes rising to the levels of biowarfare and crimes against humanity, and with little indication a sufficient number were willing to do anything about it, much less engage in a direct and full-on fight with a ruthless American Nazi regime.

The Nazification of Germany and the resulting generational power was so effective that it positioned the German people to live as a purified race under technocratic enslavement they did not identify and with which they complied writ large.

What stopped that was intervention from America.

The Nazification of America and the resulting generational power was so effective that it positioned the American people to live as a diluted culture under technocratic enslavement they did not identify and with which they complied writ large.

Nothing has stopped that, and it leaves one question and one answer that everyone should be contemplating.

Question: Who is going to intervene on America’s behalf to stop it?

Answer: You, me and all of us.

The Nazification of Germany is a clear lens to understand the Nazification of America, where the only real distinctions lie with how and why it got here.

The rest is just repetitive history, and until we get the answer to the above question, the end result will be the exact one that Hitler wanted… here… in America.

America – Consider yourself Nazified, and if you don’t like that, do something about it.

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