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Ukrainian Teachers Vital To National Security | Americans Too Dumb To Get It [VIDEOS]

In a recent interview with CNBC, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen beclowned herself regarding the fight against Bidenflation and the importance of providing critical aid to Ukraine and Israel. The remarks by Yellen, allegedly known for her expertise in economic matters, fly in the face of America First principles.

“Well, it’s a critical priority for the president, and critical to the national security of our country. I can’t prognosticate about the timetable on this. I’m pleased that Congress has passed legislation to keep the government open and running. But it really is essential that this aid be provided both to Israel and to Ukraine. We can’t allow Ukraine to lose a battle on the home front because it lacks enough money to keep schoolteachers in the classroom and first responders on the job when it’s fighting valiantly on the battlefield. So, Ukraine is utterly dependent on this aid. We need to join others, the, our European friends are providing, have provided 50 billion euro of aid to Ukraine over the next four years. The IMF has provided over 15 billion. They need us to do our part for this to hold together as a package. And, of course, Israel urgently needs aid as well. And these, this aid is critical to the national security of America. We, if Putin were to win this brutal war in Ukraine, next we might see him attacking a NATO ally of ours. We need to stop this.” – Janet Yellen


During the same interview, Janet was asked about a recent poll by the New York Times and Sienna College where they found that most voters under 30 rated the economy as poor. Her response was basically, Americans are too dumb to understand just how good Bidenomics really is. Below is that exchange. Watch:

“Yeah I’m aware of that, and I think it’s our job to explain to Americans what president Biden has done to improve the economy.” – Janet Yellen

Meanwhile, the grift just keeps on grifting…

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