In Ann Arbor, Michigan, a 12-year-old boy was involved in an unusual pursuit involving a forklift on Saturday. The incident occurred at Forsythe Middle School on a Saturday evening around 6:45 p.m, per WSAZ.  Reports to the police indicated that a child was attempting to steal a construction vehicle. Upon arrival, the police discovered the young hoodlum driving a forklift-equipped construction vehicle without the vehicle’s lights on.

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This initiated a police chase, which was relatively slow-moving, with officers following at speeds between 15 and 20 mph, using emergency lights and sirens. During the pursuit, the forklift hit ten parked cars within the Georgetown Boulevard neighborhood. The chase lasted approximately one hour.

Eventually, the young driver stopped the vehicle and was taken into custody by the police. He was then placed in a juvenile detention center. Remarkably, there were no injuries reported as a result of the chase. It was noted by the police that the vehicle had been left unlocked with the key hidden inside the cab.

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