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Violent Brawl Erupts When Civilians Attack Marines | Texas State Police Step In [VIDEO]

Austin, TX – In a shocking incident, a video emerged over the weekend on social media, showing a fistfight between United States Marines and a group of civilian men outside a nightclub in Austin, Texas. The video also depicts Texas State Police officers intervening to break up the fight before it became more violent.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident started when an angry woman snatched a phone and threw it into the street. She was later accidentally hit by one of the men she was with. The situation escalated when one of the men tried to punch a Marine. In response, the group of Marines knocked down one of the men after he landed three punches on one of them. The video, posted by TX Street Fights [3] on X, shows a group of men confronting US Marines outside the Voodoo Room nightclub.

After the men got into an argument with the Marines, one of the civilians repeatedly punched one of the Marines, which quickly escalated into a street fight between the Marines and the civilian men. The Marines fighting back was captured on video and quickly spread across social media. During the brawl, Texas State Police officers intervened to break up the fight before it escalated even further.

The last segment of the video footage shows additional police officers arriving at the scene of the fight on horseback while an unrelated fight broke out near the Austin nightclub, according to The Gateway Pundit [4].

The video footage led many supporters on social media to show their support for the US Marines for defending themselves during the Texas street fight. One user tweeted: “What a disgraceful incident in Austin! Our brave Marines are defending themselves after unprovoked attacks. This is the state of our country: disrespect for those who put their lives on the line. Unbelievable!”

The incident highlights the growing disrespect and violence toward military members in a country that owes its freedom to them. It serves as a reminder that despite the risks they take to protect the country, military members are still vulnerable to the same incidents afflicting ordinary citizens.

The video raises broader questions about how both law enforcement and civilians handle increased levels of violence. The brave response by the Marines and quick intervention by the state police should serve as an example of how to keep these incidents from escalating even further.

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