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Zelensky Losing It? Flips Out On NBC, Desperately Invites Trump To Ukraine [VIDEOS]

As Ukraine’s Zelensky continues to get favorable coverage from the mainstream Mockingbird media, it appears as if he’s beginning to crack under the pressure of the reality of his situation: Ukraine is losing (or has already lost) its war against Russia. He was just on NBC’s Meet The Press this morning, and judging by what happened, he is starting to lose it. Watch this exchange with Kristen Welker:

“I have a lot of power. But even feeling strong and have a lot of energy. It doesn’t mean that we want to fight all our life because the price is high, like I said because the war takes the best of us. The best heroes, the best men, women, children. That’s it. But we are not ready to give our freedom to this f**king terrorist Putin. That’s it. That’s why we’re fighting. That’s it.” Zelensky

Did you notice how in awe Kristen Welker appeared to be and how she responded to Zelensky? Compare that to her demeanor when she interviewed Donald Trump back in mid-September. Watch:

See the difference?

Now back to Zelensky, he also addressed comments by Trump, who, during his tenure, had a controversial relationship with Ukraine. The Ukrainian leader refuted Trump’s characterizations of Ukraine and stressed the need for clear-eyed recognition of the nation’s current plight and aspirations.

Despite these strong words, Zelensky extended an invitation to Trump to visit Ukraine, a gesture showcasing his commitment to strengthening ties with American leaders across the political spectrum. Zelensky underscored the necessity of continued U.S. support, stating Ukraine’s need for such solidarity for “one more year” to persist through the conflict with Russia.

“So I invite President Trump, if he can come here. I will need 24 minutes. Yes, 24 minutes, not more, obviously, as not more 24 minutes to explain President Trump that he can’t manage this war. He can’t bring peace because of the Putin” – Zelensky

Zelensky continued…

Kristen Welker: Have you had any contact with former President Trump since he left office President Zelensky?

Zelensky: No, no, no. That’s why he’s very welcome. To repeat repeat our tradition, which was when he was the president.

Kristen Welker: Do you think he would have Ukraine’s back if he were to be reelected?

Zelensky: Really I don’t know. Really I don’t know. I hope, it depends not only on President institutionally, I think it depends on the opinion of Americans of your society. I think that is most important. I think it’s important in the United States and EU the attitudes of just ordinary people. It’s their support, their money. It’s it’s depends on that.

This invitation, detailed by Zelensky underscores Ukraine’s reliance on the United States for both military aid and political backing in their struggle. Judging by one of the two’s previous encounters, I don’t think Trump would be willing to continue supporting Ukraine the way the Biden Regime has.

There are also other questions to consider when it comes to how Trump would handle Zelensky and Ukraine. One of which Zeek Arkham [7] and Mike Sperrazza [8] recently discussed in this segment on the RVM Network: What does Zelensky have on Joe Biden and his crime family?

Could that be a topic of discussion should the two meet?

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