Scranton, Pennsylvania, President Biden’s hometown, is not unanimously supportive of his economic policies, as reported by Fox News. Despite Biden’s assertion that he views the economy through the lens of Scranton residents, Fox News Digital discovered a mixed sentiment among locals, with many expressing criticism of the President’s approach to economic matters.

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President Biden recently tweeted on November 13, claiming that he does not view the economy from the perspective of Wall Street and Park Avenue but rather through the eyes of the people he grew up with in Scranton and Claymont, Delaware. However, conversations with Scranton residents revealed a different story.

Some locals, like Mark from nearby Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, voiced doubts about Biden’s understanding of the local economy, stating that the President does not see things from a local perspective. Mark even expressed his preference for former President Trump as a potential 2024 candidate.

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Robert Jones from Scranton went even further, labeling Biden as the “worst president we ever had” and attributing the current state of the economy to the President’s actions. Jones shared his support for Donald Trump for the 2024 election as well. Kevin, another local resident, expressed disillusionment with the entire political class and criticized their disconnectedness from the concerns of ordinary people.

Fox News Digital found that not all Scranton residents were critical of Biden, but even those who expressed support had reservations or concerns. Nellie, a Scranton resident, questioned Biden’s connection to the city, highlighting how he moved to the Wilmington area during his youth. While traditionally opposing Republican political views, she believed that Biden may not be able to fulfill a full second term and expressed disappointment in Vice President Kamala Harris’s lack of prominence on important issues.

Betty from neighboring Dickson City held an ambivalent stance, feeling that the economy had worsened but still leaned towards supporting Biden. She also acknowledged the challenges faced by the President due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Jason from nearby Moscow, Pennsylvania, strongly disapproved of the renaming of the downtown arterial and the expressway to honor President Biden, criticizing it as a waste of money. Jason highlighted how Biden had allegedly abandoned Scranton at a young age and questioned his connection to the city.

Local leaders’ decision to rename these roads caused controversy among businesses, which had to bear the costs of the address re-registration process. Former President Trump had previously made similar claims during a campaign stop, accusing Biden of abandoning Scranton when his family moved to Delaware.

Other Scranton residents raised concerns about the state of the overall economy, the rising prices, and the struggle that people face. They expressed frustration with the domination of the political news cycle by scandals involving both Trump and Biden, citing an urgent need for change.

Returning Scranton resident Mark painted a somber picture of the city, noting empty buildings and a lack of economic opportunities. Mark’s observations aligned with his belief that the economy was suffering and needed significant improvements.

The voices from Biden’s own hometown present a narrative that contradicts the President’s claim of understanding the struggles and realities of the local economy. Scranton residents have expressed disappointment, disillusionment, and concerns about Biden’s policies. This disconnect raises questions about whether Biden truly comprehends the challenges faced by everyday Americans and if his economic approach truly reflects the interests of those in his hometown.

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