Democratic Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois has put forward a proposal that has raised eyebrows and sparked concerns among conservatives. During a recent interview, Durbin suggested allowing illegal immigrants to join the military, a move that has ignited fierce debate within political circles.

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Sen. Durbin’s proposition comes amidst growing concerns about the security of the southern border and the need for effective immigration policies. While acknowledging the existing problem, Durbin’s solution of enlisting undocumented individuals into the military has been met with a firestorm of opposing voices.

Durbin outlined a bill that would grant entry to “undocumented” individuals who can pass a physical examination and a background check. However, critics question the credibility of such checks under the current regime and highlight potential risks associated with allowing individuals with questionable backgrounds to serve in the military.

And there it is – Sen Dick Durbin is finally revealing their grand plan Flood the country with illegal aliens, enlist them in the military, and make them citizens The part he isn’t disclosing is who the Marxists will use the alien soldiers against..” – DC Draino

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Dick Durbin wants to allow illegal immigrants to join our military to meet their “quota” numbers… SPOILER ALERT: The Marxists will absolutely use an American military made up of illegals against Americans.” – Tim Young

Dick Durbin is the same guy that killed the subpoena last week that would’ve fully exposed Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs. Now he encourages illegal immigration which fuels sex trafficking. Something is very wrong with Dick!” – Robby Starbuck

“Dick Durbin is an actual insurrectionist.” – Chad Prather

There’s dumb and then there’s Dick Durbin dumb! What could go wrong. People not loyal to the constitution speaking 5 different languages. Brilliant!” – Larry The Cable Guy

Durbin justified his proposal by pointing to recruiting challenges faced by the military, stating, “They can’t reach their quotas each month. They can’t find enough people to join our military forces.” However, conservatives argue that the focus should be on addressing the root causes of low recruitment numbers, such as examining the shift in military culture driven by woke ideologies and reaffirming the military’s core mission of defending the nation.

Critics express concerns about the potential consequences of allowing illegal immigrants to serve in the military without properly vetting their allegiances or intentions. The rise in reports of groups of single Chinese men crossing the border, some appearing to be of military age, has further deepened apprehensions about the implications of Durbin’s proposal. Observers question whether these individuals, who may already have military training, should be eligible to join the U.S. armed forces.

Here’s where it gets really interesting. According to the Quick Reference Guide to Federal Firearms Laws from the U.S. Department of Justice it is illegal for illegal aliens to even posses a firearm or ammunition:

Now I’m no legal scholar or an attorney but it seems to me that Dick Durbin is suggesting that our military should be filled with felons.

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